Heidi Montag’s Interview for “Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far”


Heidi Montag has tried every trick in the publicity playbook in her quest to become famous. She’s starred in a reality show, she stages photo ops for the paparazzi, she released an “album”, she released a clothing line, she pretended to get married, she actually got married, she pretended to get a divorce, she leaked a fake sex tape, she had plastic surgery, she had more plastic surgery, she had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery, she spoke out in favor of plastic surgery, and now, in her never-ending quest to remain in the news, Heidi is speaking out against plastic surgery.

Here is Heidi Montag’s most recent interview with ABC, for their documentary “Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far”

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  • avatar ela says:

    She is an idiot. Stop the insanity- if you ignore her, maybe she will go away!! She and Spencer interviews should be shown in schools to scare students straight. What happens when you don’t pay attention in class!!!!!

  • avatar m says:

    Thanks for posting…I’ve been wanting to see this interview.
    People can say a lot of bad things about her, but she does at least seem nice.

  • avatar Jackie N. says:

    She doesn’t seem nice at all, she seems fake. Which is what she’s been all her young life. This is exactly what the article suggests, another attempt at staying in the media. What a joke. Even the interviewer seemed skeptical towards the end. Did you see how many times she smoothed out her hair?? I’m sure this won’t be the last time she gets something done…

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