Blake Lively Should Swear Off Plastic Surgery


blake Lively heidi MontagBlake Lively should take a look at this picture and swear off of plastic surgery once and for all. While I’m sure that she thinks that her nips, tucks and tweaks are subtle, we think they are pretty obvious and Blake is wandering into Heidi Montag territory.

Heidi and Blake are both in their early 20’s and both women have made more then one trip to the plastic surgeon’s office. Both women have had nose jobs and lip augmentation procedures, as well as other things.

Blake should learn from Heidi Montag’s mistakes: The harder she tried to look “perfect”, the faster her career careened into oblivion.

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  • avatar Jared says:

    lol,Blake only had a nose job

  • avatar peony says:

    I believe that photo of Heidi was taken before her second round of plastic surgeries. I think she looks good in that photo…..As far as Blake is concerned I just do not find her to be attractive.

  • avatar Harlequin says:

    Poor thing just has an average face to begin with, but is quite superior in terms of her figure.

  • avatar Coquette says:

    Blake had breast implants along with a nose job.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Blake is gorgeous!

  • avatar sickitten says:

    I know she’s from a family “in the business” but it isn’t fair to us & to other attractive, talented people trying to get a break. She deserves to be behind the camera.

  • avatar Joe says:

    You women are really pathetic airheads. Why don’t you read a book or something?

  • avatar Kristen F Pilon says:

    haha joe’s comment is funny, but i think if you have an ugly nose, get a nose job simple as that, if you only get one thing because its a major issue for you, maybe its bringing down your self esteem to keep you from achieving which you are capable of. but heidi montag has really just gone to far. blakes nose job and boob job aren’t that big of a deal, the average house wife in america, or canada would get them, i know my moms friend has both, and no one says anything to her, heck! No one knows! The only reason that people pick on stars is soley because of jealousy.. they are famous, and you are not. Big whoop! you wouldn’t rip on your mom for getting one, or your sister and making them to feel bad. Maybe your not jealous, but they are in the spot light, and i know a lot of people think its unfair that they are famous and them, themselves are stuck at home reading about them- maybe you are more attractive then them but it means nothing unless you’ve done something with it, which these ladies have (although heidi has pushed her limits) and if a nose or boob job means pushing that extra step then go ahead!

  • avatar sarah says:

    This is really sad.. Blake had a boob job before the first sisterhood of the travelling pants movie so she was extremely young and then she had the nose job in 2006 after filming Accepted and THEN SHE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. Must have some really bad issues with her confidence:'(

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