Bridalplasty Episode 1 – Watch The Full Episode


Have you heard about E! Entertainment’s new reality show, “Bridalplasty”? In this competition, brides-to-be compete to win a full plastic surgery makeover. And yes, it’s as horrible as it sounds. Watch the first episode below and let us know what you think:

“Bridalplasty” is like a mix of “The Swan” and “Bridezillas”, but I think E! took it a bit too far this time. When you get married isn’t it because your partner loves you for who you are? So why would you go and change everything before your wedding day? I have no problem with cosmetic surgery, but none of the women on the show look like they need any work done to begin with! Scary.

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  • avatar mariedawn says:

    Between this show and married to rock I’m wondering what the E! channel has planned next. Most of these women need exercise and self esteem not to look as fake as their personalities. Everything about these shows disgusts me. Four of those girls are beautiful but think they need excessive operations. There are more important things then ones appearance.

  • avatar grady says:

    i love it, can we have a link for more episodes ???

  • avatar grady says:

    cheyenne and kristen look georgous !! they don’t need any work to be done, but i can’t help myself, this show is so much fun, i don’t actually think the swan was a better exemple

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