Bridalplasty Episode 2 – “For Better or Worse”


By request, here is “Bridalplasty” episode 2: “For Better or Worse”:

* Had to remove embedded video because of annoying ads being served by host. You can watch episode 2 of Bridalplasty, here: *

As bad as the “Bridalplasty” reality show is, it’s like a trainwreck, you just can’t look away!

On a side note, how bad does the host Shanna Moakler look? She has completely over Botoxed her face, which is a shame, because she used to be extremely beautiful.

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  • avatar calypso says:

    This is so horrible yet at the same time so good! I think I’ve found a new reality show for me to watch 😀 More episodes?

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