Shanna Moakler is Over-Botoxed


Shanna Moakler is a model, former beauty queen and actress, who most recently is hosting the E! reality show “Bridalplasty“. It seems like Shanna really got into the spirt of Bridalplasty and has had some recent work done herself.

Shanna before and after Botox:
shanna moakler plastic surgery

I’m actually pretty surprised that Shanna has resisted getting breast implants being as she has been in the pageant industry and has posed for Playboy (good for her!), but I think the recent work she’s had done on her face is bad. It looks like 35-year-old Shanna has gone overboard on the Botox and she may have even had fat grafting to plump her cheeks. Shanna has always been beautiful, and she still looks pretty in pictures, but watching her on video is scary. Her face looks very puppet-like.


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