Jenni Farley Plumped Her Lips


It looks like Jenni Farley, who is known as Jwoww from the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore”, has gotten more plastic surgery. Jwoww has been open about talking about her breast implants, but hasn’t really mentioned any of the other plastic surgeries that she has had. (I guess talking about your boobs is sexy, but talking about the fat you had sucked out of your ass is not really that hot…)

Most recently, it looks like Jenni has had her lips plumped.

Jenni has recently cut a deal with a Long Island plastic surgeon, whom she is promoting in exchange for free plastic surgery. She’s already had at least two breast enlargement surgeries, liposuction, a possible nose job, lip injections and a little Botox, so I wonder what Jenni will change next?

Here are some pictures of Jenni Farley before she became “Jwoww”:

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