Boris Becker Got a Facelift


Boris Becker is a German tennis player who became famous when he won Wimbleton when he was only 17 years old (making him the youngest-ever man to hold that title).

Recently, Boris admitted to getting plastic surgery to try and regain his youth. In 2010 Boris had a facelift at the age of 43.

boris becker plastic surgery

Personally, I think Boris Becker looked way better before he had his facelifted. There is just something about facelifts on men that make them look effeminate to me.

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  • avatar Mordred says:

    Why oh why did he do it? He was drop dead georgeous and had that rugged manly look and all women adored him. I don’t like the new look because he will have more surgery done and will end up looking effeminate.

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