Heidi Montag Clings Desperately To Last Minute of Fame


Heidi Montag will do anything to stay in the spotlight as her 15 minutes of fame begins to dim. Most recently she puts on her best sad face for the cover of Life&Style magazine while she reveals the obvious: Plastic surgery causes scars.

In the Life&Style spread, Heidi shows off the scar left under her chin after having her jaw reduced, a tiny blotchy spot on her boob, scars in her hairline from her browlift, a red dot inside her nostril and lumps on the backs of her thighs from liposuction. I would hardly call any of these scars a “surgery disaster” as she claims on the cover of the magazine. And although Heidi is simply doing this for money (and sympathy), hopefully it will dissuade some young impressionable girl from getting unnecessary plastic surgery.

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  • avatar mr.ed says:

    Interesting to find out that there is a boy scout merit badge for plastic surgery. Must use an official boy scout knife to do it, too.

  • avatar Honeypot says:

    She looks ridiculous. Could she be any oranger?

  • avatar Amanda says:

    The scar in her hairline is not very noticable at all & they can do chin reductions through a small incision inside you mouth through the lower lip so you will not have one under your chin.

  • avatar Mordred says:

    She really does have a mental problem about her looks. I do not feel sorry for her at all. She will most probably end up doing porn movies.

    • avatar amanda says:

      Agreed, she is way too self conscious to be in Hollywood. Her self consciousness + Pressure to be perfect = plastic surgery overload & mental breakdown.

  • avatar Miranda says:

    Poor Heidi, she seems like a sweet girl and I hope this is an actual lesson learned and not a ploy for attention…her boobs could use a reduction for her size but they look like they settled so they don’t look as bad as when they were first done

  • avatar Lilly says:

    this is pathetic. a red blotch? An “inflamed” nostril? If only this were the hight of most women’s’ insecurities/beauty issues. Seriously? a red blotch.

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    Hopefully, her statements help dissuade other young women from going nuts on plastic surgery. Hope she finds herself, and learns to love who she finds, without going under the knife again. She will have to, of course, for the boobs, and maybe the butt, later. Hope she lets the young girls know that, as well.

  • avatar JLEE says:

    I blame Spencer NOT!!!!! hollywood he turn her into a lifelike porn doll she was beautiful before all this now she is just let me say it ugly.

  • avatar Lola says:

    Wait – am I the only one who remembers how she looked before ?!

    She was not memorable at all and looked the ugliest of the girls. She was not remotely attractive – it didnt suit her vapid personality.

    I honestly think her surgeries are an upgrade – the work done is really good. Her breasts look amazing I just wish they were a couple of cups smaller because they make her look trashy.

    On topic – she would do anything for fame. Its funny how she trash talked the surgeon only after his death and at the beginning she was flaunting everything. Shes so pathetic. It is a known fact that you will get scars when getting surgery – Im pretty sure someone as prestigious as dr frank ryan would have explained the scars. Scars just come with the territory – it would be stupid to expect coming out scar free after a surgery !!

    Also I love how the photographer exaggerated and darkened the scars :/

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