Montana Fishburne Wants Plastic Surgery


montana fishburne plastic surgeryRemember Montana Fishburne? You know…the barely legal daughter of superstar Laurence Fishburne, that decided to use her daddy’s name to try to make a name for herself in porn? Well, apparently the 19-year-old pornstar’s lady parts are so busted that she wants to have plastic surgery. According to her interview with Hustler magazine, breast implants and vaginal tightening are on Montana Fishburne’s plastic surgery wish list.

I don’t want to get real big ones [breasts]. I would just go one size bigger. And I want to get my p—y tightened… I want that kung fu grip“, said Montana.

If Montana already needs to get her chacha tightened up, after only a year in the porn business, perhaps she isn’t cut out for this line of work. (I’m just sayin’…).

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  • avatar Gloria says:

    I’ve no doubt that her vag has seen a lot of action, but surely it can’t be THAT stretched out?? Bitch, do some kegels!!

  • avatar Kendra says:


  • avatar lily says:

    I have no objection to pornstars but she really is an ungrateful daughter who broke her parent’s heart. rather than thinkin bout tightening her ‘chacha’ she better went to doctor and check any diseases first.

  • avatar S says:

    It doesn’t sound like her lady parts are “busted,” it sounds like she wants to go through a very serious surgery for pretty much no reason at all. Do kegels! Why would someone put themselves through a risky surgery like that if it’s not serious, and at such a young age?

  • avatar Mordred says:

    I know that her dad is so ashamed.

  • avatar omg.... says:

    I didn’t even know there was such thing as yahoo tightening. O_O

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