Kim Kardashian Looks Like a Jackson


Kim Kardashian needs to lay off of the plastic surgery…She’s starting to look like Michael Jackson or his sister Latoya!

Kim Kardashian on January 5th, 2011:
kim kardashian plastic surgery pictures

Kim’s puffy face looks like it’s recently been injected with facial fillers and probably more Botox (hence the dark sunglasses, since Kim’s prone to bruising after Botox injections). Kim Kardashian is way too young to have had so much plastic surgery and it’s making her look older. I also think her nose job is horrible and her nose is too small for the rest of her features now. I wonder if she’s going to end up needing an implant to fix it after her nose eventually collapses into her face, like Lil’ Kim?

Her are some pictures of Kim Kardashian from 2006, after she’s had some plastic surgery, but before she went overboard on her face:

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  • avatar Gloria says:

    Was just looking through your other posts about KK and seen this quote:
    “Personally, lip injections are the thing I would never do—even if I didn’t have full lips.
    I think lip injections look very fake and bad and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with stuff in their lips—so I wouldn’t do it to myself.”

    No denying it now!!

    • avatar Christine says:

      Wow… This isn’t a picture of Kim kardashian…saw pics of her from last week and she doesnt have a cleft in her chin or look anything like this pic.. I know it’s hard for ppl to admit, but regardless of what she’s had done.. The girl is flawless.. Don’t hate!

  • avatar Me says:

    What a dumb hypocritical liar, no wonder Reggie didn’t want to put a ring on this mannequin…lol

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Hypocritical, liberal trash is what she is! She has RUINED her looks & I better never see her doing any modeling from this point on! She’s too f*cked up looking to model now!

  • avatar angelica says:

    Now she looks like the OCTO-MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Christine says:

    Ugh… Come on!! That is very obviously not Kim K… Lmfao… Seriously people! Think about what ur reading!

  • avatar star says:

    She really looks so different, a nose surgery can make you look like another person
    I prefer the ORIGINAL Kim, even though it wasn’t ‘flawless’ but was real exotic beauty

  • avatar ok says:

    Kim Kardashian has ruined her beautiful looks all that lying that she would never have a face lift blah blah blah liar.Kim Kardashian has been exposed on Kim Kardashian exposed on tmblr.Kim looks like a different woman pictures of her in school with even a small,flat wide,booty not the deformed booty she lugs around now saying is her real booty.Even Kim misses her old Armenian looks and envies Kourtney Kardashian.Kim and Kourtney had similar features and Kourtney has mangaed to keep her Armenian features and Kim now looks like the Joker’s sister.

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