Christina Hendricks Playboy Photo Shoot


Did you know that Christina Hendricks posed for Playboy magazine before she was famous? Well, it looks like Playboy is trying to ride Christina’s new found fame by releasing pictures from her Playboy shoot from 1999. While Christina did not pose nude, she did wear a teeny silver bikini that revealed something missing from the Christina Hendricks of today…

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I think it’s blatantly obvious that Christina Hendricks now has gigantic breast implants. Seriously. they are really, really big! While Christina has the body to pull off large breasts, I still stand by the “breasts shouldn’t be bigger than your head” rule. What do you think?

More pictures of Christina Hendricks:

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  • avatar Rose says:

    It’s funny how people are still saying that she must’ve had a reduction and they grew back. Unfortunately, she’s just added to the long list of fakes in Hollywood.

  • avatar Watching Closely says:

    Every time I see her, I can’t help but compare the two breasts. One is much closer to her collar bone then the other. It’s like one implant settled and the other never did.

  • avatar kitty says:

    Right, because bodies don’t ever change at all, and definitely not in the space of ten years? Also, wearing a bikini top with no support at all totally gives the same effect as push-up bras and waist-cinching dresses. Not saying it’s impossible she’s got implants, but this is like the worst proof ever.

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    She has put on some weight overall. Look at her arms in the pictures. Some has naturally gone to her chestal area, which could explain a lot. A big lot.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    They look like cheap porn star implants. They look painful.

  • avatar Grace says:

    I have always thought her chest looked too big to be real for as thin as she is. She’s not a stick thin person, but she’s always looked like she’ll just fall forward – quite uncommon in the outside of Hollywood world. I believe they are too large for her frame, but at least they aren’t bolted on grapefruit looking things.

    • avatar Ian says:

      Thin? She is enormous. The only time she has an hourglass figure she when she is corseted up and pulled in with shapewear wiring. Once you see her in jeans she has a fat sloppy middle. She is unfit and untoned. I really worry for anyone who thinks this woman is “thin” she is a big girl. plus sized.

  • avatar Emmali says:

    Being a girl with boobs that are naturally so large my friends can wear my bras as pretend helmets, Christina ‘s could be natural, also if you look at the playboy picture her breasts look very very large, they just look like naturally large breasts that aren’t being supported by a nice bra.

    • avatar M says:

      You’re an idiot. Those are 100% FAKE. Too bad you’re too dense to know the difference.

    • avatar annie says:

      Have you seen the cup size of that silver bikini? It’s half the size of one of her ‘now’ boobs! If they were that big way-back-when with that silver bikini, you’d see the pronounced roundness of her breasts. Clearly, it’s not there.

  • avatar Amy says:

    Seems as though she didn’t have any cheekbones back then either!
    Another set of implants there.

  • avatar m says:

    lol @ “breasts shouldn’t be bigger than your head”
    I agree…

    Every time I see her, I think ‘moo.’ They are WAY too big and distracting.

    • avatar visa-v says:

      wow you should probably refrain from sharing this opinion in public, as it disgraces mankind. You should be ashamed.

    • avatar Bill says:

      You are an absolute idiot. In fact, you’re so dumb you must be twins. On top of that they are no where near too big. You seem to have some real problems that should be diagnosed soon. Good luck to you, you need it.

  • avatar Mordred says:

    Man, she is a whole lotta woman. Pity it is all fake.

  • avatar zoe says:

    those playboy pic are of her when she was much thinner and shes alot heavier now then she was last year. i’ve always like her, thought she was too pale but from the years ive seen her on tv and the lifetime movies shes always had big boobs, when she weight less she had those things!!! yes they were smaller but they were still huge and now that shes kinda giant they’re bigger then before. it could be she’s one of the women who has larger boobs because of weight and not implants. im not saying those things aren’t fake but women if they really wanted to create the illusion of really push up boobs will wear a double push up bra that creates that effect of fake boobs. ive done it before and i get the same cleavage like hers and mine’s arent fake. its possible that her boobs are real but we’ll never know till she goes on a talk show and gets that sonogram on tv to show she has real boobs like tyra did.

  • avatar alex says:

    some women put on weight in their boobs before they put it on anywhere else. she has put on at least thirty pounds since that playboy shoot – she now has definite hips and a butt, and whopping boobs. but look at the rest of her – she has put on weight all over.
    as to the cheekbone comment – i didn’t have cheekbones until i was older and lost fat in my face. while i am heavier now, my face is thinner. could be the same with her.

    • avatar mr.ed says:

      My wife will second that. She, her mom and aunts all put on weight in the same places. One thing I know is fake is Christina’s hair. She’s a natural blonde.

  • avatar Shotgun517 says:

    you jealous bitches she looks good,I bet all y’all dogging her out are not too attractive and unhappy in your relationship so you look to tear down another! SHE LOOKS GREAT I’D DO HER AND SO WOULD YOUR MAN!

  • avatar Alan Stanwyck says:

    Breasts bigger than your head are just fine by me…and Hendricks wears them well due to her extra-curvaceous figure.

  • avatar Fonda Peters says:

    I love her acting in Mad Men. Maybe she’ll have them reduced someday.

  • avatar John Doe says:

    Has no one here seen Firefly? The episodes she was in I think were shot in 2002. She hardly looked any different weight wise at that point from what you can see in the Playboy bikini shots just a few years earlier, well besides the inexplicable watermelon size boobs she suddenly had. Her breasts haven’t really gotten much bigger since Firefly despite her obvious over all weight gain.

  • I think she got implants though I do know someone who looked like her before picture, gained weight and has huge breasts. Close to the size of Christina Hendricks. If someone in Hollywood gets implants why not admit it.

    • avatar sam says:

      there’s a big stigma against fake breasts, but a big demand for huge breasts

      she passes hers off as real to make herself more appealing to men, since huge breast implants are very polarizing

      her breasts are definitely fake, though, no doubt about it

      • avatar visa-v says:

        wow you have to be a complete moron to conclude that her breasts are “definitely fake” you should probably learn a little more about the female body and grow up a bit.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Lot of jealous bitches here. She looks fabulous and those tits are perfect.

  • avatar DP says:

    Her’s are real and they’re magnificent. Not a doubt in my mind. She’s been on other TV shows and she has always had them. Just because she had smaller boobs when she was 20lb’s lighter and 11 years younger means nothing and you would have to know nothing about a woman’s figure not to know that very truth.

  • avatar Bill says:

    I think you’re an idiot if you have your own personal rule that tits shouldn’t be bigger than your head. Tits make the world go ’round and there is nothing better than huge tits on a fun loving girl.

  • avatar charles says:

    This a an absolute joke, did a 12 year old write this??

    “breasts shouldn’t be bigger than your head”

    That comment may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever stumbled across online and thats saying something… Breasts can naturally change size with increased or decreased weight gain it’s a well known fact. Her breasts are clearly real this is pretty ridiculous.

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