Sofia Vergara Has Breast Implants


We get a lot of curious questions here at Famous Plastic and one of the most asked questions lately is, “Does Sofia Vergara have breast implants?”. The answer is, yes, it appears that Sofia Vergara does have breast implants.

sofia vergara breast implants

Aside from the gigantic size of Sofia’s implants, they actually look fairly natural since she is not stick thin and has the proper amount of fat to hide the implants. She also had fairly large breasts to begin with, which also helps to make breast implants look natural. It appears that Sofia Vergara had a “Mommy Makeover” and had a breast lift and liposuction on her stomach in addition to the breast implants.

More pictures of Sofia Vergara before and after having a breast augmentation:

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  • avatar kim carrion says:

    in my opinion, she looks more beautiful in those pictures before the plastic surgery…indeed,the breast implants look fantastic but her stomach is so disgusting after that liposuction…

    • avatar Macy says:

      She is such a phony and a fake! She should just keep her mouth shut. Not a true blonde… Not real tits….Not real nose…obviously lipo. She looks like plastic & Overdone-Barbara Hershey.

      • avatar Sue says:

        It is really true — with all the work she has had done, who is she to judge others! And no, it is not about being jealous, heck if I had the money I, like Sofia, would certainly have my natural, saggy double d’s inflated!!! The difference is I would not judge others for having what I, myself had done.

  • avatar dfgdf says:

    duh…she does not have artificial breasts. they are real, and her aging and weight gain in the 20 years between these pics is typical. my own wife has gained 2 cup sizes in 20 years – she’s not fat, just curvy-er in the hips and boobs – many women are like this. and her stomach? she looks like any woman who’s carried a baby and is now almost 40, a little lumpy and recovered-from-stretchmarks.

    • avatar Sue says:

      Are you for real??? Boobs sag as we age and a women’s cup size increases because of the extra skin from the sagging that now has to fit into the cup of our bra — hence, larger cup size!

  • avatar Khlandestyne says:

    I am not so sure she had implants or lipo. The breasts change a lot after pregnancy and can become much more full. She is absolutely stunning in her “before” picture. I think she looks better without the pancake makeup.

    • avatar melanie says:

      she got pregnant when she was 18 or something. that was like 20 years ago and before any of these pictures were taken i don’t know if they’re fake but i doubt its due to pregnancy

  • avatar Don says:

    Sorry I’m not conviced. My wife boobs went from B cups to D’s after pregnacy. The first picture looks so young. Plus the after picture is sagging in a natural way without her pushup bra on. This makes it pretty clear they are natural.

    • avatar Sue says:

      Her boobs in her after picture are “sagging in a natural way”?? Wow, you obviously need to get your head out of the girly magazines!!

  • avatar AZgirl says:

    Uh, ya she does have implants! Only a man would think that a woman’s breasts which have become “larger” due to weight gain would develop upper pole fullness as she ages!!! NOT! The size of the breast may become larger, but the shape doesn’t spontaneously change- and she was already carrying the weight of her breast low not high on the chest. Her before clearly shows normal, larger breasts that lack upper pole fullness and the after shows the upper fullness that comes from implants. Her stomach also appears to be the result of a tummy tuck since she’s lumpy in the wrong places for it to be residual effects of a pregnancy. She’s a beautiful woman, but she’s had work done….no doubt!!!

    • avatar SARA says:

      Yes u r right,Sofia’s breast is fake , she used to have a nice set of boobs , that is why her implants look diferent from the ones that are done on women who have no breast at all.

  • avatar Paul says:

    She does, indeed, have implants. I am positive of that. It does not matter how I know.

  • avatar Bunny wabba says:

    She had a baby when she was 17. That before pic was def taken after the birth. They def don’t look totally natural if you know what to look for, but she had enough breast tissue to make them look believable.

  • avatar Mike Lloyd says:

    Shes sooooo Hot, I f__ked her on a beach in Brazil when she was drunk one night. She was Wild!

  • avatar juany says:

    I for one have never thought this sofia had any good looks or talent. her breast might be big but her brain really small. i remember she was in a spanish show sometime ago only it did not take a big talent to be funny something she is not. she uses her english language to be funny. she should just give it up her youth is gone.

  • avatar Becky says:

    I have large breasts and had inplants put in for an extra oomph and they look like hers. You can only see the top circles if you push them up high like in the pic of her in the green dress. Mine jiggle everyone and that is due to large natural breast on top of the inplant and a great doctor. No one knows I have inplants.

    • avatar Sue says:

      I hope to have my big ole boobies done — could only hope to have your results — good to know that it is better to put the inplant below the muscle for natural results — I have read that also.

  • avatar george says:

    How can you compare a picture of an 18 year old to that of a 40 year old and a kid??? that´s just plain moronic! She is a gorgeous woman and deserves the attention she´s getting…

  • avatar HIJK says:

    When will people realize that they look terrible after too much plastic surgery and fillers? She would look better if she opted to age gracefully. She is attractive but that nose….ugh. If I were going to get my boobs done I would ask for the Verga or Berry special. lol.

  • avatar Bobs expert says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t judge a side by side of two different people. On the left is Eva Mendez.
    Its funny how all the women say its a boob job. Stop being so jealous ladies. It doesn’t take a expert to see its two different women. Stop focusing on her boobs only. Its funny that women yell at men for staring but the man was the only one to notice her face.
    Lmao, you are all arguing about weight gain, poles, cup sizes, girth. Whatever anyways if she does have fake boobs anyway. All you women are not the same without makeup, bras, spanks, special clothing anyways. Why is there so much women on women hate? You don’t see us saying well look at his big hat, we all know what he’s hiding a bald head under there. Be happy with yourself. That’s like seeing a girl all dressed up for her wedding. and someone calls her a whore. So don’t do that to these women. Get a life, if you are so insecure that you have to bash someone that looks good then go get a boob job. Whatever takes the attention away from your insecure faces.
    Sofia bless you. But I see you have already been blessed.

    • Both pictures are Sofia Vergara. The one on the left is from a pictorial she did for Stuff Magazine. Here is another from the same set:

      • avatar Bobs Expert says:

        Also if you looked at a verified picture of her you would realize. That your pic of her shows the bikini top tied much higher than the real one. And the boobs fold over the point at which the bra wire normally sits. The real pic has the bikini tied much lower and the boobs are MUCH FULLER and are centered much lower on her chest.
        I’m afriad you are going into the Photo-shopped fails.
        You can clearly see where they removed Eva Mendes mole. They tried to be tricky by reversing the face so people won’t look into the other side.
        LMFAO, Found a few other ones now that I started to look around on your site.

  • avatar Bobs expert says:

    SO YOUR TELLING ME THAT STUFF MAGAZINE DID THE PHOTO SHOOT. Well Stuff only started 8 to 10 years ago. These pics are not of her 10 years ago, so did she or stuff invent time travel? Get your facts straight. Spreading lie to sell ads. FACE.

  • avatar Marcos says:

    This is shocking to me but proof that you can’t believe what you see on tv. She looks good in clothing but def looks her age naked. She def had implants and a lift done, breasts don’t get bigger and STAY FIRM. Just because she’s latin doesn’t mean she aint fake like the rest of them. I’m latin and let me tell you, our ladies are more plastic then yours! In our world less people get an education and become lawyers so we rely on looks. Doesn’t mean were better looking, just more superficial. Every word out of her mouth is about her T & A.

  • avatar Fanny says:

    Sofia’s 40 n has a 20 yr old son. of course tits are fake, and facelift to look young.
    sofia’s very pretty in her younger days.

  • avatar mandly says:

    What is this, highschool? Commenters have a right to comment. That in itself does not, I repeat… not indicate jealousy!. I agree that breasts may gain volume as women get older, but they dont automatically stay up higher than they were! Anyone with eyes can see she has had implants.

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    Bob, you are deluding yourself, but that is your privilege. Anyway, most women are admiring her, but recognizing how she has surgically enhanced herself. Her boobs have been done!! Along with several other parts. It is actually very much healthier, for us women to understand how she got what she has. She was always a beauty, but now, a much less natural one. What is your problem?

  • avatar Krystal says:

    Lol that is Eva Mendes on the left.

  • avatar bill menning says:

    hollywood bimbos need to just act in their fantasy world and keep their mouths shut.

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