Sexy Cora Dies During Breast Augmentation


<a href=sexy cora plastic surgery” align=left hspace=10>German adult film actress, “Sexy Cora”, died last week of a brain hemmorage while she was having her 6th breast enlargement surgery.

According to CBS News:

Two doctors have been charged with negligent manslaughter after German porn star “Sexy Cora” died during her sixth breast enlargement operation, according to reports.

The 23-year-old actress, who’s real name is Carolin Berger, fell into a coma on Jan. 11 during surgery at a clinic in Hamburg, a spokesperson for the state prosecutor told CNN.

BBC News reports that she may had suffered from two heart attacks after the procedure.

According to German newspaper Bild, she was put into an artificial coma following the procedure. CNN reports she died on Thursday.

In addition to her work in the adult film industry, Sexy Cora was also known as a contestant on the reality show “Big Brother”.

Now, why in the world would a 23 year old woman need six breast enlargement surgeries? If she had her first boob job at 18, that means she was having surgery on her breasts more than once a year, which wouldn’t even allow your body to fully recover from the previous surgery. Apparently Sexy Cora asked her previous plastic surgeon to perform the operation and he refused, since he felt it was unnecessary. Rather then accepting her doctors opinion, Sexy Cora went to a new doctor, who agreed to perform the breast augmentation and ended up killing her.

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  • avatar Alison says:

    So sad, she was a cutie.

  • avatar johnny duju says:

    wow these doctors were so greedy for money that they did not give a dam about her health that’s murder in the first degree

    • avatar dashe7476 says:

      she murdered herself in tha first degree!!!,,tha stupid girl should have waited the full year to recover from tha LAST WHAT 5? breast procedures…thats why the doctor that did the 5 told her ass to wait to recover and then he would do it…what does lil peter fiend do? goes to another doctor who doesnt even know anything about this “woman”..and does the procedure..he didnt know she had allready had 5 boob-jobs..that was her own fault..sorry to the family an all..but she was dumb as hell!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar mikey says:

      maybe it wasn’t her doctors greed, it could of been her persistance. remember if you insist you will persevere and that is what more than likely happened.

      • avatar kim says:

        I agree! First of all if you want it then you will go to Dr. to Dr. to get a final yes and go on with the procedure. And any board certified doctor would know if not how many proceudre some one has had when they felt the breasts from scar tissue and not only that it’s more and likely takes a couple procedures to get your boobs that big, there’s no way your skin will stretch that big and far! haha and why do so many people have to be so vicious on here?! Are you too afraid when to say someone is beautiful because she is a very beautiful girl. Love the tattoos!! REST IN PEACE AND GOD BLESS HER FAMILY!!!

  • avatar ZUBBARY says:


  • avatar Al says:

    May God have mercy on her soul. prety and un-needed surgery very good looking naturally.

  • avatar CAROLE says:


  • avatar Joe Purtle says:

    Such a tragic death of one still so young. The doctor that performed the operation should be investigated. Seems like he would have known about the frequent prior surgeries she had performed before, and to soon for another one… my opinion.

  • avatar Fonda Peters says:

    Hopefully others will learn from her demise.

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