Bridalplasty Episode 9 – Keep Your Friends Close – Video Clips


Bridalplasty episode 9 is titled “Keep Your Friends Close” and is coming up! To keep you Bridalplasty fanatics happy, here are two teaser video clips:

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  • avatar Tina says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting the full episodes of Bridalplasty! I have been searching EVERYWHERE and the few websites that have them either want a fee or have you complete a million bogus offers. So thank you very much, very happy to have found your site!

  • avatar Tasha says:

    Jennesa or whatever her dumb name is, is absolutely retarded. Maybe if she played the game right, instead of cheating (when her and the other girl used hand signals to answer questions; rub neck for “you don’t know” and touch your hair for “I know the answer”). And during the final episode she was calling the girls (who were deciding if her or Allison was going to win) names and being completely rude to them, was no way to get people to vote for you. I hated seeing her personal interviews, she’s a total bitch. Suck it you horrible skanky witch. You don’t deserve a dream wedding. And you could already afford a nice wedding? Why were you even on the show???? At the end you still looked like a hag even after that nose job. Go Allison! You deserve it. Shit anyone besides Jennesa deserved it. At the end everyone should’ve won a dream wedding except for Jennesa! That would’ve been a twist!!!!

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