Has Lisa Vanderpump Had Plastic Surgery?


While Lisa Vanderpump is quite beautiful, like all of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it appears that she has had her fair share of plastic surgery.

lisa vanderpump before plastic surgery

When the series first aired, the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were interviewed on a radio show. When the topic of plastic surgery came up, most of the Housewives were forthcoming with what procedures they have had, but Lisa Vanderpump tried to “plead the fifth”, before admitting to having a “bucket of Botox” in her face.

While it is obvious that Lisa has had Botox, it looks like there may be a few other procedures that she failed to mention. It looks like Lisa Vanderpump possibly has had a nose job and lip injections, and perhaps a brow lift as well? All in all, Lisa looks great for a 50 year old women, so hopefully she doesn’t overdo the plastic surgery and continues to age somewhat gracefully.

More pictures of Lisa Vanderpump:

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  • avatar Lisa vanderpump says:

    Ok I will sue your ass…just like I did with all the others who have settled…I HAVE NOT had a nose job or a brow lift…I admit to a little filler and botox i think your are disgusting vicious liars who are irresponsible…if you don’t take this down immediately and apologize you will hear from my lawyer.do we understand each other? Also you should find another job….because obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • avatar kim says:

      Its so obvious that Lisa HAS NOT had a nose job. What idiots! you can see in ALL the pics that the right nostril is a little more collapsed ( not a put down) and it sits more to the left if your looking at the pics. She is by far the most classiest housewife bravo has on there network!(sorry LouAnn!) Lisa is absolutley beautiful at every age of her life> Look at those killer abs! Mighht I add Ken doesnt look too bad himself πŸ™‚

      • avatar Lu says:

        She has some work done for sure! But if she wants it done, good for her.Personally I think I like the previous pictures,they look more natural. But if you are in the limelight of T.V. (especially the shows that she is in) you should expect people to have the speculatations. You would SUE? Practice dancing more, spend your time that way, instead. I think your time would be well spent. It is defiantely a hard thing to learn, especially in that short of time. Practice, practice, practice. Use your passion in your practice. You might learn to be an actual contender

  • avatar Confused says:

    Is that the real Lisa? Cause if it’s not I don’t get the joke…

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    She’s been to the gym a lot and has lost fat filling in her face as well as elsewhere. Combined with natural aging, she has a hard look that could use a little filler here and there.

  • avatar skye says:

    You look different on Andy’s show tonight, Lisa. If that is really you posting. I think you are a fabulously beautiful lady and I love for women to be open and candid about whatever procedures they’ve had and if they are pleased or not, etc. It helps all of us ladies decide what we want to try or not. It shoudn’t be a taboo subject, just an open honest discussion of what is good, what is not, etc. Let’s ladies stick together!

  • avatar Lee says:

    Great job, Lisa! I am assuming that was really you. It certainly sounds like it was! Kudos to you for defending yourself here and not letting them get away with lying.

    One thing have Lisa is one GREAT body! You definitely have a beautifully plump tushy. Very sexy! Flirtation all in fun and no offense to your very cool and charming husband.

  • avatar Alex says:

    50 she looks 25!

  • avatar shelly says:

    if that is someone pretending to be lisa, that was lame, if it is lisa, it is retarded. Now, this woman has had a TON of plastic surgery and yes her nose too. Her nose is overdone and it looks terrible. If she built is back up a bit it would make her look less like a skeleton. To the person that said she looks 25, please make your way to the nearest optometrist and invest in some spectacles. Now, why no one has mentioned this is beyond me but I think I just discovered that lisa here was previously a man. Look at the pic with her in the hat, she is clealy a young lad. Then looks later in the bikini and the overly defined abs, again man-ish. and she hangs out with that young gay guy. And her husband is very gay. Lisa was a man before. I am sure of it. Come on people, cant you see?!

  • avatar lisa linsa says:

    I’m sure that isn’t Lisa’s post up there. She writes beautiful and this poster is obviously not well versed in grammar at all.

    Lisa did admit to fillers and botox. I think she looks stunning.

  • avatar Raze says:

    I love how the very first post is supposed to be Lisa (come on, do you really think celebrities browse this?) and every post thereafter lays it on thick with the ass-kissing. It’s probably just some creepy fan, the same kind who make myspace pageWhoever says she looks 25 needs their eyes checked. She looks just like every other embalmed 50 year old who fills their face with this crap thinking it makes them look better. She stills looks 50, she just looks like a cssket sharp 50. But hey, maybe that’s what she was going for.

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    Compared to the airbrushed decades old publicity photo, she looks exactly as she should. And she looks toned and good, having lost weight through diet and exercise.

  • avatar Ted says:

    Well if she had a sex change, are they so good at it now that they can have children ? What an absurd thing to say. Jeesuessssssss.

  • avatar sara brown says:

    Isn’t it obvious that she had a BUTT implant. It doesn’t look normal

  • avatar Shayla says:

    I love Lisa she is sooo sweet and caring. Lets see hown all ya’ll look at 50. Don’t talk about anyone if you would not want them talking about you. Everyone is soooo judgemental. I love you Lisa and will never talk bad about you. Coming from a teen. Adults need to growup. I swear ya’ll act like you all in middle school. I wish everyone the best….

  • avatar Para Fluie says:

    Lisa is a beautiful woman in at least her mid-sixties. Look at her neck, look at her arms . . . look at her whole elderly persona. Even her carriage and gait screams OLD! She’s a beautiful old gal with good surgery. Plastic surgery doesn’t really turn back the clock.

    In the photo with the kids, she’s clearly in her late 30s.

    Does she really think she’s fooling anyone? Cmon!!!

    PS Isn’t it pathetic that people have to lie about their age to feel okay? Sad commentary on life.

    • avatar Jay says:

      YOUR A FAT WOMEN ugly on the outside and in, hater πŸ˜‰ You wish you could only look so good darling πŸ˜‰

      • avatar para fluie says:

        Well, I’m NOT fat, but you’re right. I’d like to look that pretty in my mid-60s too. I’m attractive, but she’s beautiful.

        On DWTS, it’s clear she’s had a butt implant too. Nice results but it’s clear all over that she’s in her mid to late 60s

  • avatar Jay says:

    Whomever did this NEEDS to seriousy get a LIFE what a loser!

  • avatar Ari says:

    I think Lisa is lovely and looks good, but as a 53 year old without injectables and/or plastic surgery, I thought she was much older than I am. She is a Virgo and they are extremely secretive, and will not divulge that type of information. I am sure she eats well and exercises, which is what makes my own face look ten years younger.

  • avatar Insider says:

    I love plastic surgery! She’s 56! She’s had her eyes done and waxes those beautifully sculpted eyebrows. She’s had Botox injections. She’s had implants in her lips and veneers on her teeth. She uses SPF, stays out of the sun, uses Retin A and has regular micro-dermabrasion. She colors her hair. She employs a personal trainer and has good cup of tea in between meals to stave off hunger. Plus a good nights’ sleep will do wonders. Oh and she uses her wicked sense of humor and laughter as medicine.

  • avatar ExpertOnthesubject says:

    It appears that she had work done in the before photo as she was aspiring to be an actress. Cheek and chin quite possibly a jaw implant as well as removal of the buccal fat. Quite possible a bit more as well.

  • avatar ExpertOnthesubject says:

    It also appears all work was done after her wedding

  • avatar Jaquelyn says:

    Lisa is much older than 50! I am 50 and look 10x better! Her neck and arms are the giveaway, she needs to quit now before she looks any worse. She does not look human! And yes, we have ALL heard the gay rumors about Ken.

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