Kendra Wilkenson Had a Nose Job


Well, well, well…It looks like Kendra Wilkenson has had more plastic surgery, then previously thought. The stripper turned Playboy playmate, has obvious breast implants, but it looks like Kendra has also had rhinoplasty surgery.

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I think Kendra’s new nose is a big improvement and the nose job was well done. Kendra is now sporting a smaller version of the nose she was born with and it appears to be a better balance for her facial features. What do you think?

More pictures of Kendra Wilkenson when she was just a young San Diego stripper (pre-nose job):



  • avatar mr.ed says:

    It appears that she’s leaner overall and has lost fat in her face. Whatever nose work she’s had done seems minimal in that context, if at all. Good results, either way.

  • avatar Hello says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t always post such declarative statements in your titles like “Kendra had a nose job.” You could be wrong, after all. And leaving the title more open would let other people tell you their opinion, instead of taking your title as fact. Example: “Looks like Kendra had a nose job.” Just a thought. . . Because I don’t really think she did. She’s just older now.

  • avatar Ali says:

    Those eyebrows are scary! It’s obvious she had a nose job.

  • avatar Real1 says:

    Kendra is trailer park trash. She is as dumb as a box of rocks. What real man with a healthy self-esteem would marry her. Hank Basket lost overall points when marrying this Kendra. He even does all the cooking, cleaning & taking care of the children. Kendra is gross

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