Bridalplasty Full Episode 9 – Keep Your Friends Close


Here is the full episode 9 of Bridalplasty. Episode 9 is titled “Keep Your Friends Close” and this episode has the final elimination before the finale. Two brides will be eliminated and the final two brides will be revealed. Will it be Janessa, Allyson, Dominique or Cheyenne. Watch episode 9 below and find out!

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  • avatar EOR says:


    There is NO WAY that was Allyson’s decision!! The producers must have wanted drama for the finale. Jenessa is great reality TV. Allyson has seemed like a nice person from the beginning, and I would think she’d stomp Jenessa when she had the chance to give a nice long speech about what a bitch she’s been. I suppose (counterpoint), she does seem like a scrappy “I will take you DOWN” person too, so mayyybe she actually chose J. It just seems like a very very scripted move.

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