Bridalplasty Finale Full Episode 10 – The Perfect Bride


Here is the final episode (episode 10) of the first season of Bridalplasty. We finally find out who wins and who will become “the perfect bride” (by having a bunch of unnecessary plastic surgery) and win their dream wedding. Watch the finale of Bridalplasty below:



  • avatar Hello says:

    I am sorry but why do you post videos that you cannot watch? When you click the link to watch any of the “Bridalplasty” videos you have posted, they all take you to an external site of which you need to be a “member” or “download” something to be able to view it. Translation: you will get viruses/spam. What’s the deal?

    • We do not post videos or links to videos that you can not watch. You simply need to click the play button above, wait for it to turn green, then click it again to watch Bridalplasty episode 10.

  • avatar Kristina says:

    wth… I was almost at the end of the finale and it boots me off saying I have watched so many number of minutes and that I have to join a site in order to watch more? I have watched all the episodes on here and never had a problem till now. I am highly upset that I cannot watch Allyson’s transformation….. ugh

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