The Winner of Bridalplasty Before and After


Allyson Donovan won the first season of Bridalplasty and won her dream wedding, as well as all of the plastic surgery she could ever want. Allyson was the unemployed underdog from Illinois who was called a “truck driver in a ball gown” by one of Bridalplasty’s wedding experts.

Allyson Donovan’s original plastic surgery “wish list” was:

    – Brow lift
    – Liposuction of chin
    – Liposuction of jowls
    – Liposuction of cheeks
    – Liposuction of flanks
    – Liposuction of inner thighs
    – Liposuction of outer thighs
    – Liposuction of arms
    – Breast reduction
    – Breast lift
    – Tummy tuck
    – Laser skin resurfacing

The funny thing is that Allyson pulled the old bait and switch on the producers of Bridalplasty and decided to forego having all that plastic surgery! In place of all of that lipo, she decided to just workout and lose the weight (duh). She also decided against the brow lift, breast reduction and tummy tuck. Here is the list of the procedures she ended up having done:

    – Liposuction of arms
    – Liposuction of chin
    – Veneers
    – Breast lift
    – Liposuction of flanks

In addition to the plastic surgery that Allyson did have, she lost 35lbs by working out and dieting. Personally, I think that the weight loss is by far the most significant improvement in Allyson’s bridal transformation. What do you think?

More pictures of Allyson Donovan’s dream wedding:



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