Did Vanessa Hudgens Get Lip Injections?


Vanessa Hudgens was recently surprised by paparazzi who were waiting for her as she exited a medical building in Los Angeles. For some reason, Vanessa insisted upon shielding her mouth from the photographers and rumors started flying!

Vanessa leaving a medical office in Studio City in December:

Why doesn’t Vanessa want pictures taken of her normally beautiful smile? Did Vanessa get busted by the paparazzi after receiving a cosmetic procedure? Rumors are that she got lip injections. After reviewing some recent pictures of Vanessa, I don’t think she has ever had lip injections. I think that The Superficial may have nailed it: Vanessa just got her mustache waxed, or had one nasty cold sore. Why do you think Vanessa would be hiding her mouth?

vanessa hudgens plastic surgery pictures

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