Pebbelz Ridiculous Butt Implants


Pebbelz is a stripper/”model” that has the silliest looking butt implants that I have ever seen. I totally get the sexy big booty thing, but when it looks like someone stuck two HUGE balls of clay on to your skinny body, it just looks kind of gross. Check out Pebbelz freakshow booty:

More pictures of Pebbelz gigantic butt implants:

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  • avatar Shirley says:

    I feel so sad for you. There must have been something/someone in your life who hurt you beyond Have done some mental and emotional damage for you to go to such extreme of mutilation. I literally feel absolute pain for you-your self-esteem is deeper than the depth of an ocean.

    Its unbelievable that you see your selfworth dragging behind you.

    this is soo sad……..

  • avatar Kayla says:

    KIND of gross????
    This is fucking HORRIFYING. I am so disgusted right now I think I’m going to vomit.

  • avatar shaqui says:

    Wow, she’s HOT. What are you talking about? Her booty’s like an oasis in a vast desert. Skinny girls are just plain disgusting. Big butts 4-ever!

  • avatar Mr.Impact says:

    Let me first say this………we live in a world where we are so heavenly influence by the media and whatever else is the flavor of the month. I really don’t know this girls background but if she has an relationship with God and an education….I really doubt she would be the topic of conversation right now.I think normally young girls like this are manipulated into thinking this will help your career…which she shouldn’t be doing anyway…..Its a trick of the devil…….so instead of condemning her lets pray for her and uplift her in Jesus name. We all fall short and she’s still our child.

    God Bless……..Impact

  • avatar zoe says:

    she looks very disgusting. people are dying from that now. shes really dumb to get it that big.

  • avatar Raze says:

    She looks like a bee. I wanna know who exactly thinks this is sexy. Isn’t it kind of a turn off when not only do you know it’s fake but it looks fake too? And terrible. Guys? Is this sexy?

    • avatar mf says:

      What a bunch of judgemental assholes on this site. This is one of the SEXY and SUCCESSFUL butt implant jobs by actual surgeons. This is not a “fix a flat” case. Get over yourselves, judgemental skinny bitches.

  • avatar Mimi says:

    Thats just dumb looking, Im sorry the whole “Hydrogel injections” are overly done these days. You got ppl like Nicki Minaj, and more then half of the video girls pumped full of Hydrogel injections..They over do it and try to see who can have the biggest, It looks completely fake and jokely. If your to enhance your butt atleast make it look REAL

  • avatar A says:

    She definitely has some pebbles … I mean boulders up in there … lol when I saw this I laughed so much … but seriously this is SAD !!! with a capital S-A-D. Natural will always win over the fake, when will people learn to accept and love what they’ve got. The media always loves low self esteem, it feeds off it. Don’t buy into its lies, it will cost you a lot more than money. You will loose respect. People say that surgery is about them altering themselves to make them feel good, that is a lie, as at the end of the day they are not the ones sticking and injecting themselves, they are relying on the surgeon/their tools, someone else/something else to design them. Man made goods will never equate to what God has given, only poor imitations.If you don’t believe me check out the bubble-but again please… GROSS. Just my view ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar Zet says:

    By the firts look it is incredible big round applebutt, it is huge, it dosent look bad, the only problem is how got she those big thinks.Injekted with Hydrogel or with silicon 1000, butt implants (so big?) or polyprophylen implants, like chelsea charms breast implants that day by day is bigger.Sooner or later she will hawe som serious medical problems.
    If Pebbelz would attack me in a club or at my home, i will not refuse her attack.It will be tasty.yam yam

  • avatar betty says:

    That is a discusting way for attention. If she threw some plant seeds in there they will overpower her with weeds. Gross!! When she gets older & her boobs are on the knees & her butt is at her ancles, guess it won’t be so grand for her. MENTAL issues!!

  • avatar swype-matic says:

    I’m probably the biggest fan of booty, but…this…is…WRONG. WAY WAY WAY too unrealistic.

  • avatar Voice of Reason says:

    Its her butt…She’s not slandering others….If your into butts…then its nice….If your not then you hate it… I feel that if it makes her money, she’s content with herself, and isn’t hurting anyone else then let her do her….Body mutilation doesn’t always show insecurity…It also models uniqueness you know….Because by that logic, individuals with tattoos and piercings are insecure too…better yet…people that dye there hair as as well…. :/ Let the hate go guys…It’s her choice…and the medical issues that come along with its degradation (if they do in fact come) are hers to bare as well….

  • avatar Bfrank says:

    i love ass,but come on that dont make no sense,she went too far.

  • avatar Jay says:

    It looks like a serious birth defect. Weird

  • avatar upeoplearedumb says:

    never seen a girl with a huge ass like that that was not obese. small asses are boring. who are u people to critisise other people tastes, i know girls dont like their asses big, but a man who says this disgusting has to be gay. go fuck your skinny hairy girls. (thats a little too big to fuck tho but is hot)

  • avatar tay says:

    a bigger bikini?

  • avatar tomasie says:

    As long as I have a face, she’s got a place to sit.

  • avatar ll says:

    Imagine what this *ish is gonna look like when you are 40. yuck. its looks horrible now, hard and nasty.

  • avatar Bunnie Ann says:

    OMG! My ass should look that good. Love it, I will have mine done like that too.
    You go girl! You have one huge beautiful ass.

  • avatar Miss C says:

    This is just UUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHH BLUUUGHH IEEUUWW,.!!! This looks like to melons next to each other , looks wrong wrong wrong! I Feel for you girl,. Hope no one sees u after 30 years,. ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar Newt says:

    “I have the strangest erection right now…”

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