Alicia Douvall’s Botched Butt Implants


alicia douvall botched <a href=butt implants” hspace=5>Plastic surgery addict, Alicia Douvall, has recently claimed that she will no longer undergo plastic surgery after a painful botched butt augmentation.

The Sun UK reports:

The 31-year-old reality TV star, who estimates she has splashed out a whopping £1million on cosmetic surgery, said her nightmare buttock op has put her off surgery for life.

The Love Island glamour girl said she was driven to spend so much on cosmetic surgery because she has a body dysmorphic disorder that left her with a distorted sense of self-image.

Alicia said she opted for bum implants in 2006 after losing weight left her unhappy with the way her rear looked.

She explained: “When I lost weight a few years ago, going down to a size six, my bum went too.

“So I had surgery to restore it to its former glory. It was very painful and I had to wear hideous support underwear for six months afterwards, but I was pleased with the results – I felt that it was £10,000 well spent.”

Initially Alicia was pleased with the results, especially the admiring glances when she paraded her new rump on the beach in some skimpy swimwear. The mum-of-one added: “Then I began to notice my bum was changing shape. The left implant had moved and had started touching a nerve – the pain was excruciating.”

Despite the pain she still wasn’t put off more operations having another boob job, cheek fillers and a toe shortening op.

But her bum op pain continued. She explained: “I can’t sleep on my back and I can’t go to the cinema because sitting still for two hours is agony.

Alicia has promised her 15-year old daughter that she will never again have plastic surgery. Do you think that this self-proclaimed plastic surgery addict will be able to keep her promise? Only time will tell, but I bet that attention whore Alicia will start having plastic surgery as soon as people stop talking about her…

More pictures of Alicia Douvall:

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