Natalie Portman Has Had Her Nose Tweaked


Did you know that Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman has had rhinoplasty surgery? According to the OC Register, Natalie got a nose job early on in her career.

natalie portman nose job pictures

Rhinoplasty surgery is very common for insecure young actresses trying to break into show business, but I would have never suspected that Natalie Portman would go to such lengths…Until you see the before and after pictures!

natalie portman nose job pictures

All in all, Natalie’s nose job was very well done and it looks like a slightly smaller, refined version of her original nose. Do you think Natalie would have had as successful of a career (eventually leading to an Oscar) with her natural nose? I sure hope so, but who knows…Hollywood is a weird place with a seriously skewed sensibility.

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  • avatar NurseRosetta says:

    I like the first nose better for some reason.

  • avatar Oh My Goodness!! says:

    Seriously people?!? Do you not know what make up and different camera angles are??????

  • avatar zoe says:

    she didn’t get her nose done its just different angles the pictures are taken from.

  • avatar lorry says:

    are you kidding me,the nose looks just the same to me. definetely not a nosejob, just the photo angle

  • avatar cheviac says:

    I would be honored to ‘suck face’ with either nose any time of day.

  • avatar Consider this says:

    1. People who have never had a nose job wouldn’t know the difference between a subtle nose job and make-up / angling / lighting effects. (Close friends couldn’t tell I had one until I told them. It was largely an “Ahhh…” moment, a.k.a. hindsight bias. Yes, my nose job was that GOOD.)

    2. Some people are STUPID. How the fuck do you demand “before” pictures of someone who had a nose job when they weren’t younger? Seriously, consider the following:

    – Yes, my nose became narrower by the time I hit late high school / college, so it’s possible to dig up pictures of me in make-up five years ago that would resemble me now, post-nose-lift. The difference: made-up or not, regardless of angling and lighting, my nose looked narrower ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    – I have mastered making my nose look narrower and sharper with make-up. The difference: Post-rhinoplasty nose + make-up with nose-sculpting effect produces AN EVEN NARROWER NOSE than my natural nose many years ago + make up with nose-sculpting effect.

    3. Subtlety or naturalness is the name of the game. Are people that naive about what constitutes a good nose lift? Have you seen Michael Jackson’s nose job? Did you like it or not? Of course you didn’t because it looked so fucking FAKE.

    4. Finally, I recognize that we’ll never know the truth until we hear the fact straight from the actress herself; in which, case I’m willing to accept the error in my assumption, since I’m not stupid like that. In the meantime, however, the pictures I’ve seen on Google are pieces of “circumstantial” evidence that support the hypothesis that yes, she did get a nose job.

    P/S – One word: HOLYWOOD.
    Deal with it.

    PP/S – Intelligence does not correlate with self-esteem. Those two traits are mostly developed independent of each other. God, you people REALLY have simple minds.

    • avatar Gale says:

      You have many good points, but they would have more credibility if you wouldn’t populate them with the “F” word every other sentence.

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    Her nose was straight down in the first picture and now it’s an up-turned slope. Not sure how people don’t see that. I’m a model and I can tell you that no lighting or angle can make your nose look THAT different.

  • avatar Gale says:

    Camera angles or not, it appears from many other photos I’ve seen that Ms. Portman has had her nose tip surgically augmented to be thinner.

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