Dear Sandra Bullock, Let’s Talk…


Dear Sandra Bullock,
Look, I know it’s been a tough year for you. You know, with your husband banging that Nazi stripper and becoming a new mom to an adopted son. But seriously, Sandy…You need to stop with the plastic surgery. The botox and facial fillers are just too much. You’re starting to look like Kim Kardashians Madame Tussauds wax figure, and that is not a compliment to a talented 46 year old actress…

In closing, we would like to request that you please try to age more gracefully, Sandra, and just accept that you are not 30 any more. Thank you!

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  • avatar Lulla says:

    she is ageing decently and on the photo with alleged surgery she is only wearing a thic layer of makeup.are you serious?! stop looking for something that isn’t there or… show a better proof

  • avatar Khlandestyne says:

    Sandra has the same nose, same lips, same cheeks, etc. She may look waxlike because her makeup is very light. But she still looks fantastic!

  • avatar Nicole says:

    I love Sandra and her baby is precious but she has had plastic surgery. You know it, I know it and yes, she knows it. We all get older and that is o.k. in fact it is a blessing. We All should embrace it; including Hollywood.

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