Courteney Cox Got a Phenomenal Boob Job


Courtney Cox recently stepped out on the set of “Cougar Town” sporting a new body modification…Perky new breast implants!

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Courteney’s plastic surgeon did a phenomenal job on her breast augmentation and it really could not look much more natural. Courteney’s new boobs look like they have simply been restored to their former glory, rather then overly enlarged. Courteney cox is in her mid-40’s and has one child, whom she breastfed (and unfortunately aging and breastfeeding do not make your breasts fuller and/or perkier).

More picture of Courteney Cox in a bikini on the set of “Cougar Town”:

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  • avatar Lulla says:

    she is only wearing a bra that pushes them up…where do you see traces of surgery and enhancement? nonsense

  • avatar Khlandestyne says:

    I’m with Lulla! Her bikini top is too small, which is also making her breasts look fuller. I see no indication of plastic surgery.

  • avatar Lizzy says:

    Trust me, she’s had a boob job done at least once in her life (I’m that old to remember). Check her out in the Dancing in the Dark video with Bruce Springsteen more than 20 years ago when she was completely flat chested. She had already had her boobs done by the time she joined friends. I don’t think though she has had her boobs redone though between the first pic and the second pic – just a different bikini top.

  • avatar grace says:

    She’s definitely had a boo job since the photo on the left. No amount of pushing up would hold up that well – especially in a bathing suit! Looks like she was had a great surgeon who knew what size to make them as well as not to make them look like bolted on grapefruits. PS: I think she’s also had work done on her face too – she just looks very “masky” on Cougartown.

  • avatar Nicole says:

    I’m sure she has had a boob job. But, they don’t look yucky like so many others.

  • avatar zoe says:

    this is just a plain old push up bra but her face yea she’s had some work done to it and you can tell that it’s been work on alot.

  • avatar bob says:

    Yes, it’s true. Check out infdaily for the pics. Her scars are visible.

  • avatar SAH says:

    I disagree. Bad Boob Job. In one of the alternate pics, the one with the caption “new flotation devises” you can really tell how awful it is since you can see the entire hard, round top ridge of the implants. They bulge at the armpits and also at the top of her cleavage. Her tits look like a 1990s over-the-muscle, overfilled-round-Saline nightmare.

    In the 1990s that was “the look”: Round Saline implants, overfilled (in other words, a 300cc implant shell might be over-filled with 350cc of Saline) which made them extremely round, HARD, and gross. Also, it appears to me that she went with a High Profile or Moderate Plus Profile implant. *Assuming* the before pic is natural breast, I think she should have gone with a low or moderate profile implant instead. Also, at her age she should have gone under the muscle to hide the implant, since tissues thin and become less forgiving with age. If those ARE under the muscle, then she has the flimsiest, least consequential pectoral muscle ever.

    This is 2012, and implant technology and technique has improved so much. For her boobs to be that ROUND and HARD looking… BAD BOOB JOB. Go back and get anatomical shaped stage 3 cohesive silicone gel implants, under the muscle and lower profile Courtney. And get a bigger bikini top, you are falling out of that one. Better yet, get a one piece, because your wrinkly stomach skin makes me not notice the boobs… I’m too distracted by wrinkles, rolls, and stretch marks to notice.

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