7 Year Battle with Botched Liposuction Ends in Death


Denise and Colin HendryThere have been a lot of deaths caused by plastic surgery in the news lately, but I thought this one was particularly sad:

The wife of English footballer Colin Hendry died in 2009 after a 7 year battle to recover from a botched liposuction procedure. Sky News reports:

Denise Hendry’s bowel and colon were perforated nine times during the “routine” liposuction surgery at a private Lancashire clinic in April 2002. The mother-of-four spent three months in hospital after initially being given a 10% chance of survival. Mrs Hendry went on to have two more major operations to try to correct the damage caused, but died from a post-operative infection in July 2009.

Could you image losing your wife or mother to something as stupid as an elective surgery to suck a little fat out of her body? What a tragic waste.

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