Sandra Bullock’s Nose Job(s)


In addition to the Botox overload that Sandra Bullock currently has injected into her face, I think it is safe to say that Sandy has had a least one nose job (but more like two or three).

Here is a picture of Sandra before plastic surgery and her facial transformation after going under the knife:

While Sandra doesn’t look horrible (yet), I think that she is at the tipping point between trying to maintain her looks and trying too hard to look youthful. I also think that Sandra has had so much work done to her nose that it is going to start sinking into her face as she ages (just like Lil Kim or Michael Jackson).

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  • avatar Leave Her Alone says:

    You guys seriously have nothing better to report about? Her nose doesn’t look any different in the last 3 pictures! And the first picture she has a big nose, but your face shape changes over time. Makeup can also be applied to make the nose look smaller and your face look smoother.

  • avatar Raze says:

    She looks pretty, I don’t see any problem. She shoudln’t even be on here.

  • avatar TriVulg says:

    WOAH! She looks like Danielle Staub in the very first picture! LOL

  • avatar Gabriel says:

    I think Sandra looks nice. Her post-Rhinoplasty nose fits well with the rest of her facial features.
    Aside from the Botox, does it look like she’s augmented her top lip slightly?

  • avatar zoe says:

    this whole time i thought i was the only one that notice that she had her nose done.

  • avatar Sarlynns says:

    She totally had her nose done. Not that anything is wrong with that. You can tell that she’s had her nose done if you look at the tip it is less bulbous and the nostrils are thinner i.e., more pinched in. Also the bridge of her nose is much thinner too.

  • avatar Tina says:

    She looks like a man.

  • avatar yow says:

    the lips and chick looks better, she’s more lady face now.. in 2nd pic she looks like Jennifer Aniston! Lol

  • avatar yow says:

    the lips and cheeks looks better, she’s more lady face now.. in 2nd pic she looks like Jennifer Aniston! Lol

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