WTF Happened to Jenna Jameson’s Face?!


Jenna Jameson recently posed for paparazzi at her twin son’s birthday party, and her face is hardly recognizable!

Jenna Jameson Before and After Filler Injections

Jenna started getting lip filler injections to plump her lips, a few years ago, but now it looks like she is also having (too much) filler injected into her cheeks. The filler combined with the Botox really gives Jenna a scary mask-like look to her face. Do people really find this look attractive?!

More pictures of Jenna Jameson at her son’s birthday party:

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  • avatar zoe says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to her face? she use to be sooo pretty.

  • avatar Really? says:

    Screw yourself hard with a rusty scalpel, Zoe. She’s still beautiful. If you knew half the hell this woman has gone through, you’d sew that gaping maw you call a mouth shut.

    • avatar Really, "Really?" says:

      I doubt any of the “hell” she has gone through has anything to do with the fact that this woman looks AWFUL due to things she has had done, willfully…procedures she has chosen to do. Your comment is irrelevant.

  • avatar Ha ha ha says:

    She’s ugly inside & out! Trash can!

  • avatar Jamie Jameson says:

    What she needs is a jism facial!……Jenna’s her own worst frendemy!…Ruined her gorgeous looks…trying to look like one of those fake ass beverly hills looking skanks

  • avatar L ily says:

    She used to be so pretty :-/

  • avatar Horndog says:

    Jenna is an old aging whore…..Jenna cannot handle the fact she’s not relevant any longer………..Anyways, if an actress is needed to do a biographical movie of Joan Rivers life, Jenna can play Joan…two old azz plastic faced pigs

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