Maci Bookout Takes Her Fake Boobs on Vacation


Looks like it’s finally warm enough for “Teen Mom” Maci Bookout to parade around the new boobs that MTV bought her.

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It has been rumored that Maci had a breast augmentation and these pictures of Maci prove those rumors to be true! Maci recently paraded her newly enlarged breasts around while on Spring Break. It appears that Maci went from an A-cup to a full C-cup.

So remember, young impressional girls, if you want to be famous…Get knocked up, pray for a reality show and then you too can be famous, make money for making poor life choices and afford to get plastic surgery that you will later regret. Yay for America!

More pictures of Maci Bookout after breast augmentation surgery:

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  • avatar lily says:

    How does anyone know she’s going to regret her breast implants?

  • avatar lisa says:

    fake bitch inside and out how no one sees it is unreal she is famous for getting pregnant at 16 UGLY

  • avatar smallpenis says:

    Id pee in her butt

  • avatar Mamy says:

    I know almost every women in the world are not happy with something of their body but they can admit they would love to have plastic surgery but not everyone can afford it to bad for ugly girls that hate the ones that can like maci

  • avatar Nicole says:

    I have breast implants and I love them. I havent regreted them for one second! Girls should do what makes them happy and fuck what anyone else says.

  • avatar Veeeeahkahram Nahahahahtew says:

    Deees a Veeeeahkahram Nahahahahtew frum a dee Nooo Yawkk Seeeteee and i like-a dee BEEEEEEEG TEEEEEEETS! Dees lahdies r good too fukkk!.

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