Sarah Burge Injects Teen Daughter with Botox


Sarah Burge is a British women, that has had over 100 cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and calls herself “The Real Life Barbie”. (I think she looks more like a tranny, but okay…) Sadly, she is also the mother of a teenage daughter, to whom she is passing on her mental health issue of twisted vanity.

Sarah not only admits to injecting her 15-year-old daughter Hannah with Botox, but says that she is “thrilled” to do so.

Sarah Burge Injecting Teen Daughter with Botox

Hannah said that she wanted Botox because “it prevents wrinkles and everyone at my school was talking about having ‘B’,”. So instead of telling her young daughter that it’s silly and dangerous to have Botox at such a young age, Sarah consented to having Hannah injected with Botox at a Spanish clinic because if she didn’t she felt that she would be a hypocrite.

Considering I have had so much surgery, I’d be a hypocrite to tell my daughter she couldn’t have Botox“, said 49-year-old Sarah. “My opinion is that parents should be much more involved in their children’s lives from an early age and I know that Hannah doesn’t mind me knowing about her love of B.

Now, to satisfy Hannah’s hunger for ‘B’, Sarah orders Botox online and injects it into her daughters face herself.

Sadly, the cosmetic surgery industry is currently self-regulated, which means that crazy-ass people like Sarah Burge and Kerry Campbell can continue to abuse their children by injecting them with unnecessary muscle paralyzing neurotoxins and poisoning their minds with their plastic surgery propaganda.

I wonder if Hannah Burge will look like Joan Rivers by the time she is 30? Only time will tell what this hot mess will turn into!

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  • avatar xandra says:

    is this even egal??this woman should get her daughter taken away!!

  • This isn’t safe for her daughter…And I’m sure the mother doesn’t know that a botox injection affects an area of 0.6 inches around the point where the needle is injected. So she could inject to many botox into her daughter. But from what I see she did her injections too, because she looks like a botox tank…

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