Cindy Jackson holds the official world record for “Most Cosmetic Procedures”, after undergoing 52 cosmetic procedures by the age of 55. Cindy has spent approximately $100,000 on plastic surgery that includes 14 actual operations (5 full face lifts, lots of liposuction, 2 eye lifts, chin reduction, lip implants, multiple boob jobs, nose job, cheek implants). The rest of the 38 cosmetic procedures are less invasive injectables (Botox and fillers), chemical peels, cosmetic dentistry and semi-permanent makeup. Most recently, Cindy Jackson had her hands injected with filler in an attempt to hide the veins and make them appear younger.

Cindy Jackson before and after she had a cosmetic procedure on her hands:
cindy jackson hand plastic surgery
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While Cindy Jackson “offically” has had the most cosmetic procedures in the world, there are many other people out there that have made more work done, they just don’t choose to let the world know about it.

Cindy Jackson in 2011 at age 55:cindy jackson 2011Photo credit:

Here is a recent interview with Cindy Jackson:

During the interview, the interviewer makes a good point:

The way I look at my self, I’ve got receding hairline, I’ve got a large chin, I’ve got crows feet, but that’s me and so I live with it.

Cindy’s reply is, “Well, everyone is different“.

And, yes, everyone is different, but when you spend your entire life surgically changing your appearance in a quest to become “beautiful”, obviously you are not happy with who you are, no matter how many fake smiles you give to the cameras. Given the choice, I would rather be the happy, wrinkled, balding interviewer that has a family/children and is surrounded by people who love him, versus the plastic women that looks pretty in photographs and goes home to her cats every night.

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  • avatar lily says:

    “The way I look at my self, I’ve got receding hairline, I’ve got a large chin, I’ve got crows feet, but that’s me and so I live with it.”

    I’d like to see a woman interview Cindy and then point out her own “flaws.” It’s very acceptable for men to not look perfect in society. It’s acceptable for men to have facial features that aren’t symmetrical. It’s acceptable for a man to have crows feet. It’s not acceptable for women to age. Period.

  • avatar Mel says:

    She looks incredible o.O
    Her plastic surgeon must be a wizard.

  • avatar LadyFemme says:

    The only thing I’d tweak is her eyebrows..I’d fill them in a more and make them more bushy…that would make her look 4 yrs younger…but she does look really pretty…and her stupid schoolmate!!!

  • avatar KLT says:

    I agree with the interviewer. When she smiles her skin looks off by the corners of her mouth. I can totally relate to how she was taunted as a child by others since I have been in the same boat. I too am considering plastic surgery. Still I think you can only take it so far. Age, eventually will win out. I look at the greats, like Sophia Loren. She is aging fabulously and her wrinkles are enhancing her beauty not deterring from it.

  • avatar Sabrina says:

    She does look beautiful, but she just doesn’t look happy. Change the outside as much as you like, but until you truly like yourself on the inside you can’t be happy.
    As for what Lily said I would gladly point out my flaws. They make me who I am. I like myself so what anyone else thinks about me doesn’t really matter.
    Honestly though it doesn’t matter. It is her choice to do what she wants with her body.

  • avatar Cat says:

    But, I like cats more than I like people…I haven’t had surgery but still like coming home to the cat.

  • avatar shannon says:

    That pic from her website is horribly photoshopped. If you look at the space between her eyes, you can see little circles where a clone brush or healing brush was used – poorly. It looks so amateur, I’m guessing she did it herself.

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