Peggy Tanous Sure Looks Different!


Peggy Tanous is the latest women to join “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Like most of the other housewives, Peggy has had a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery. Peggy has had, what I like to call, “The Desperate Housewife” makeover that includes breast implants, over-inflation of the cheeks and lips, too much Botox and that stupid “I want to be sexy soooooo bad” hair. If you get drunk and squint, Peggy might look good, but I can’t get over her new crazy eyebrows. It makes me wonder if she’s had a poorly executed brow lift?

peggy tanous plastic surgery

More pictures of Peggy Tanous in the 90’s:

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  • avatar Stephanie says:

    Her teeth do not appear to be natural either.

  • avatar T says:

    Someone also did a really bad jaw/chin job on her.. I literally can’t stand looking at it, it just looks so fake. I think she is a really nice person though…she just got carried away with plastic surgery. She should have left her eyebrows alone too.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    You can always tell who had a face lift because like her the eyes give it away. She used to have no eyelids now they are very obvious. Many people do this and it totally changes your original appearance. I don’t know, I still have the same eyes at 43 that I did when I was 23. They are more wrinkled but they are the same. Why would you want to change that? Her whole look is very innatural looking.

  • avatar Fiona says:

    Pak31, the change in her eyelids is more likely from a blepharoplasty, where the extra skin and fat on the eyelid is removed. Not from a facelift. I think her chin and jaw are the same but are altered in appearsnce by the filler in her cheeks.

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