What’s Up with Serena Williams Stomach?


Serena Williams is a world-class athlete and her bikini body alway has drawn tons of stares and comments. But more recently, the tennis star has put on some weight, which may be revealing a little secret that Serena holds…Has Serena Williams had liposuction on her abs and waistline?!

Serena Williams stomach looks lumpy and weird:
serena williams liposuction

Even though Serena has put on upwards of 30lbs, her waistline and abs remain the same (or even more “defined”) then they were when she was at her thinnest/strongest. And if you look closely, Serena’s stomach is looking awfully like Tara Reid’s famously lumpy lipo tummy.

Serena before and after liposuction on her waistline?:
serena williams liposuction pictures

When liposuction is performed, the fat cells are actually removed which means your body can no longer store fat in that area. This is why liposuction can look lumpy and unnatural when a patient’s weight fluctuates.

What do you think? Has Serena Williams had plastic surgery or does she have an unusual anomaly of a body?

More pictures of Serena Williams in a bikini:

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  • avatar mr.ed says:

    Obviously, something involving her navel was done. She’s going to have to work really hard to overcome the genes that are inflating her hips and butt.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Lipo for sure. And it looks a lot weirder than having some stomach flab would.

  • avatar zoe says:

    she just gained weight thats all and her belly button probably got infected from that piercing she had

  • avatar sanah says:

    Definitely lipo….looks just like mine (when I was thinner)only darker. what the docs don’t tell ya is when you gain weight it will go elsewhere. I don’t have that abdominal bulge anymore but above the waist is hilarious. I had perfect C cup breasts and now with some weight gain, my abdomen is disfigured and I am a DD. Have to buy 2X’s just to get coverage. Also, because you are laying down when they do the surgery that area flattens out and the docs can’t really tell where to suction, I went back to have my little ‘ledge’ on my waistline redone and now I have a line of scar tissue. I can’t say it was not worth it, because I do look better in clothes however…naked…not so much.

  • avatar Surgeon's assistant says:

    Looks very much like irregularities from Lipo. ALso appears she had it removed from her mid section and put into her lower section. A fat transfer.

  • avatar Amy says:

    She looks good to me. Professional pics usually have been airbrushed

  • avatar Momo says:

    If this was taken in 2011 then it was probably after she got the blood clots in her lungs and complications from a large hematoma in her stomach (which would have to be drained out). It could be scars from that soooo these are all just speculation, and not very good. She’s survived some pretty gnarly medical ordeals.

  • avatar geekgirl42 says:

    I thought from the beginning that story about cutting the top of her foot on some glass at a restaurant was a cover for some kind of cosmetic procedure gone wrong. It didn’t make sense. How do you step on glass and cut the top of your foot? And how is it that she never sued that restauarant? And then she came back from the subsequent pulmonary emboli and hematoma looking much slimmer, especially in her midsection, even though she hadn’t been training or playing. I thought then that she had lipo. Then I saw these pics, and I’m convinced the health scare was a complication from the surgery.

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