Jill Zarin Admits to Having a “Liquid” Facelift


There has been a lot of recent plastic surgery buzz about Jill Zarin, who stars on “The Real Housewives of New York”. Jill revealed what seemed to be more then just a new hairstyle as she walked the red carpet at the 9th annual TV Land Awards.

Jill Zarin Before and After Liquid Facelift

Jill’s new face seems overly smooth and pulled a little bit too tight for a 48 year old women, but she adamantly denied having “plastic surgery”. Jill appeared on the Wendy Williams show and revealed exactly what she’s had done to her face:

Jill Zarin had what is being called a “liquid facelift”, that involves injecting a bunch of Restyln and Botox into the face and neck.

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