Rihanna’s Breast Implants are Showing…


Rihanna attended the 5th annual DKMS Gala in New York and showed up wearing a pretty little black dress. Unfortunately, the dress revealed what appears to be breast implants:

rihanna breast implant nip slip

I didn’t want to believe the rumors, but it’s pretty obvious that Rihanna has had plastic surgery to increase the size of her breasts.

Rihanna before and after having a breast augmentation:
rihanna <a href=boob job before after pictures”>

All in all, Rihanna’s boob job looks natural (when they aren’t pushed up with a corset dress!) and appropriately sized for her. Not too bad of a boob job if you ask us, although we prefer our Rihanna au natural.

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  • avatar tina says:

    no way, she’s a gift of nature. her boobs are only her own, she’s young and beautiful.

  • avatar lily says:

    You guys say you like your Rihanna all natural? Does that include no makeup and real hair?

    • avatar lisa says:

      There is not a celebrity in the USA that doesn’t wear makeup or extensions from time to time. GET OVER THAT! Beautiful is Beautiful, no hair or makeup can make ANYONE that beautiful. That’s just something ugly people tell themselves for consolation. Make up can make a good looking person better looking but not an ugly person pretty. Sorry, try again. YOURE JUST JEALOUS! Get get over it, give credit where its due.

  • avatar Meowfie says:

    Uhm if you look at her first music video when she was 16 “pon de replay ” her boobs are big there ….

  • avatar Donald says:

    She wasted her money! She should have gotten that ENORMOUS nose reduced before she considered a boob job! I just can’t see past it.

    • avatar lisa says:

      So jealous

      • avatar lisa says:

        Why? Her nose is too ethnic for you? Ethnicity is also beautiful and that’s what makes Rhianna beautiful. She doesn’t have to possess all of the WHITE EURO features to be beautiful. She rocks a black nose and she’s gorgeous. Send your pic so we can have a real laugh. I can BET you are a short fat insignificant UGMO!! AND I an bet you’re black putting down a fellow sister for having black features. You are trash and the reason blacks can’t get anywhere

    • avatar Angie says:

      Enormous nose?? I just don’t see it. The only “thing” with Rihanna is that I think she’s got a big forehead and bangs cover that up. She’s a beautiful girl. Internet rumors she was seen with Chris Brown and has been talking to him are what bother me the most about her.

  • avatar Angie says:

    Where is the “natural” part, in regards to look of these implants? Rihanna is a BEAUTIFUL, young woman but apparently she felt the need to do this, as did Janet Jackson,Whitney Houston, Kim Kardashian and dozens of other celebrities. I had a right mastectomy and removal of the right pec muscle. that top pic is how my chest looks like with the bony prominences’ of the ribs under the skin and with a breast prosthesis that seems to pop out like that.

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