Bristol Palin Had a Plastic Surgery Makeover


Bristol Palin posed for pictures at the Candies Foundation event in New York city, looking completely unrecognizable!

bristol palin plastic surgery

It looks like Bristol has followed suit of the other teen moms (Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham) and has undergone some pretty extreme plastic surgery. It appears that Bristol has had liposuction on her neck and chin as well as a chin implant and a mini brow lift.

Some might try and say that Bristol’s new look is the result of weight lost while training for Dancing With The Stars, but I don’t buy it. Her body doesn’t look much different, yet her face is totally unrecognizable. I wonder if her son cried when he saw his new mommy?

More pictures of Bristol Palin before and after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Maria says:

    She looks SPECTACULAR. Good for her. It’s not a crazy amount- just enough to enhance her natural beauty, so why not? (As long as she stops with THIS and doesn’t keep going, that is. That never ends well. HAHA)

    • avatar Rachel says:

      She does not look spectacular! And people that get plastic surgery when they’re young ALWAYS go back for more because then when the botox and collagen wear off they think they need more to make it last longer. Then they over inflate their lips and over botox their face until they can hardly move it.

    • avatar wtfster says:

      She looks HORRIFIC and like a 50-year-old. Wake up you dummy!

  • avatar pak31 says:

    @maria, she looks ridiculous. Not even the same. Why not enhance your natural beauty with excersize and makeup and loving who you are on the outside? SHe is how young? Why at her age does she need to enhance her features? Or change them? Very disappointing to see. Why can’t anyone be happy with their God given looks and accentuate the psotitives?

  • avatar pak31 says:

    Sorry I typed so fast meant to say love who you are on the inside. :/

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    Her tummy’s smaller and the whole package looks about ten pounds smaller. The facial surgery looks okay if you hadn’t seen the “before,” which could be another person.

  • avatar NurseRosetta says:

    Even lips look done. She looks horrid!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar peony says:

    I think she asked the Plastic Surgeon for the Kardashian Special….LOL

  • avatar lily says:

    This is what she did with all that money she receives for promoting abstinence? Oh well, I guess you can’t blame her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and her mom’s got a boob job.

  • avatar bonnie says:

    She must have called Joan Rivers and got her surgeons name, now Bristol looks like a FREAK also!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar bonnie says:

    I forgot she now looks like a 50 year old drag queen, she was pretty before.

  • avatar grace says:

    Plastic surgery shouldn’t make you unrecognizable. And what’s with the bullshit “admittance” that she had jaw surgery? Jaw surgery doesn’t make your eyes get bigger and your eyebrows get higher on your forehead or your lips puffier or your chin longer or your neck thinner. She’s a liar and not better than her attention-seeking baby’s daddy.

  • avatar Renee says:

    Her chin implant looks…. humungous… she went from having no chin to having an enormous one! She looks very done… and weird… but I guess a lil more attractive than before. Her face but mostly her cheeks look puffy like its full of filler. why?? As long as she’s happy, i guess! Oh and you forgot to mention that she had her lips filled.

  • avatar mary says:

    she looks like cher. she’s way too young to look like cher.

  • avatar commonsense says:

    Now she looks like Sarah. What a pity.

  • avatar msbets says:

    she IS way to young to have that extensive surgery, some of these plastic surgeons should have their licenses yanked, look at kenny rogers, meg ryan, they were beautiful people before, some were lucky, but many weren’t, I keep thinking I want my neck done, then I look in here and say FORGET IT.

  • avatar Fonda Peters says:

    Fake like her mom.

  • avatar Janeen says:

    She looks hideous. Plastic surgery to alter your face at 20, is ridiculous. I bet her mentally ill mother encouraged her.

  • avatar GIA says:

    By far one of the worst chin implants I’ve ever seen. Her surgery aged her by 15 years and actually distorted her jawline. All she needed to have done if anything was to lip around her chin and jawline just a little bit to bring out her chin which was a little small but cute and made her look her age. Now that thing in her face looks like she could open cans with it. Terrible work!

  • avatar GIA says:

    ugh…the “o” in LIPO in my last post didn’t come out so what I meant was; all she needed was a little LIPO around her jawline and under her chin…

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