Celebrity Ketchup – May 9th, 2011


We’re trying out a new feature here at FamousPlastic.com, called “Celebrity Ketchup”. Every Monday, we catch you up on all the celebrity gossip and update you on the important stuff, such as who got caught scratching their ass on the set of the new Batman movie:

Celebrity Butt Scratcher

Guess who got caught in their tightie whities on the set of Batman. – The Superficial

Katie Holmes is pregnant. Or just gassy. You decide. – Pacific Coast News

“Real Housewives of Miami” star Cristy Rice sporting a bikini in Miami. – TMZ

A pants-less Jessica Simpson in stripper shoes. – Celeb Slam

Is it just me, or does Kim Kardashian‘s giant boyfriend make her look like Snooki? – Pop Eater

A pregnant Tina Fey does a really funny Mother’s Day duet with Maya Rudolf on “Saturday Night Live”:

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  • avatar Beverly white says:

    Snookie on last call I noticed she has done something to her face not to good made her look older to me don’t like it she really needs to stope its ruining her looks

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