Here are a few celebrities that have made over their smiles by undergoing cosmetic dentistry:

While I don’t think that having cosmetic dentistry is that big of a deal, it appears that perhaps it could be the “gateway drug” to having more invasive cosmetic surgery. After viewing the gallery of celebrity smile makeovers, it became a recurring theme that most of the celebrities featured ended up having plastic surgery after they had cosmetic dentistry. So what do you think? Does cosmetic dentistry lead to plastic surgery, or is it just a coincidence?

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  • avatar Mel says:

    The pre-dentistry pic of Zac Effron creeps me the fuck out o.O

  • avatar Summer says:

    Most of them definitely look better afterwards. Wow, Ben Affleck’s teeth looked like baby teeth.
    I think Hilary Duff actually looks worse, though I do think she had to get them fixed cause a front tooth broke or something. IMHO they still look slightly too big for her.

    And while I’m loving straight and pearly-white teeth, I don’t dig the uber-white teeth that have become so popular. Just reminds me of that episode of Friends where Ross gets his teeth bleached and they glow in the dark.

  • avatar Kitty says:

    Tom Cruise’s Before photo is from The Outsiders. His teeth are fake, specifically created for his character. I wish it was real!

  • avatar Billy 588342 says:

    Yes, because braces definitely don’t count on your insurance as cosmetic dentistry anymore (sarcasm in case you’re an idiot).
    Also, Ben Affleck’s teeth look exactly the same.
    Don’t post unless you have something real asshole.

  • avatar Luisa says:

    “This site motivates me ….. good is having a good body care … but with a beautiful smile is much better!

  • avatar Luisa says:

    This site motivates me ….. good is having a good body care … but with a beautiful smile is much better! …

  • avatar Ariana says:

    I’m all for improving the teeth…it looks more healthy and people don’t generally judge others on having “fake” teeth.

  • avatar Mikko says:

    One of the more dramatic changes in this department is David Bowie.

  • avatar Cosmetic Dentistry near Chicago says:

    And some of those celebs didn’t need much work but they still look great!

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