Gwen Stefani Grew Boobs!


Gwen Stefani recently stepped out on a yacht in Antibes, looking a bit more volumptuous uptop. The singer/designer/mother has gone from being flat as a board, to what appears to be a B-cup.
Gwen Stefani got breast implants

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly if (and when) Gwen got breast implants, (since she was pregnant/breast feeding between 2006 – 2008, which can cause a fluxuation in breast size), but I do know that she is no longer breast feeding and you don’t get to keep those boobs when you are done ;).

So what do you think? Did Gwen get a boob job? Or has she taken to wearing super padded bikinis and bras?

More pictures of Gwen Stefani:

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  • avatar Monstar says:

    She looks about the same.

  • avatar Should Be Working says:

    Although rare there are cases where women keep their pregnancy boobs (lucky!). My high school gym teacher grew giant F cups or something ridiculous when she had her son and they never went away.

  • avatar Brad says:

    Gwen’s so cute, I’d love to do her, regardless of breast size!

  • avatar quelqun says:

    looks like a bikini top with some padding. If there isn’t any celebrity plastic surgery news, don’t post anything.

  • avatar Renee says:

    No those are her real boobs. Boobs don’t stay as big as they were during pregnancy, but they won’t go back to as small as they were. My mom is most definitely proof of that!

  • avatar lily says:

    Her boobs are obviously bigger than they were before kids, but they’re definitely real. Womens bodies and breasts change about every ten years, and the female body and breasts definitely change after pregnancy. Her boobs are too soft and mushy to be implants. They’re real.

  • avatar ST says:

    I think women who are very small like that before pregnancy tend to keep some extra breast tissue afterward. They definitely look real. I think she was a good role model for smaller women before, and I’m glad to see that she is still natural.

  • avatar Betty says:

    One of the reasons I like Gwen is that she’s flat and stayed that way for a long time. And, my mom went from a B cup to a D cup after pregnancy and they stayed.

  • avatar Chicken soup says:

    your all fools. she got implants, its obvious. she got them before she had kids, dumbassess.

  • avatar nivea says:

    any girl can tell you that she’s heavier in the second pic, and she’s stretching in the first one besides. plus she’s had a baby, and age’ll do it too. i’m 28 and i’m finally at my biggest boob size.

  • avatar SAH says:

    Hmmm… wonder how many times the author of this has been pregnant and breast fed a child?

    Me – twice.

    You may not be aware, but human female breast development continues into a woman’s 20s. And, it is NOT COMPLETE until a woman gives birth/breast feeds a child. There ARE permanent changes to the nipples, areolas, lobes, ducts, etc that remain after pregnancy FOR LIFE.

    The only part of your pregnancy breasts you don’t get to keep is “engorgement”. In my case, it took me from a pre-pregnancy A cup, to a D cup when I was 9 months pregnant, to a very painful DDD when my milk first came in. When it was all said and done and I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight I was a B cup.

    You really can’t judge Gwen’s breast size change here as plastic surgery. It looks completely consistent with what many women do experience in becoming mothers.

    Also, if it were surgical, they would have given her CLEAVAGE. They would have set the implants MUCH closer together on her chest. They also achieve more fullness in the upper pole of the breast. These are all the goals of BA surgery. If that is a boob job, she should get a refund.

    Natural “mom” boobs have a tendency to sit farther apart (and even flop into the armpit when you lay flat on your back) and the upper pole has a tendency to “ski slope” and the fullness of the breast is toward the bottom pole of the breast. Gwen has sort of “ski slope” armpit pointing little boobs still. If those were given to her through surgery, she should be suing someone. I got mine for free from having babies.

    • The author of this post has been pregnant and breast fed a child once. And yes, I stand firmly behind the fact that you don’t get to keep your breastfeeding boobs. I was a full C before pregnancy and ended up a B-cup after I shed the pregnancy weight. Out of the dozens of moms that I know, not a single one of them has ever increased their cup size by getting pregnant and/or breast-feeding. Obviously if you pack on the pounds or never lose the baby weight, then your breasts will be bigger than they were before, but I have never met, nor seen any proof of anyone that lost all the weight and got bigger boobs from becoming a mom.

      • avatar ST says:

        You are assuming that because it didn’t happen to you, it doesn’t happen to anyone. It is possible that some women do stay a little larger afterward, especially if they barely had any breast tissue like Gwen. It’s also possible if you were really thin before pregnancy and then filled out a little your breasts will be a little bigger. It’s hard to consider that not losing the baby weight when in reality you just got up to a healthier size.

  • avatar CatWoman says:

    I agree that women’s breasts change, throughout the life cycle. She may have had a little help, may not have. Some women are late bloomers, and sometimes pregnancy can do a boobie some good! It did mine!

  • avatar MR says:

    I think she looks slightly heavier in the second picture. Having kids obviously can change your body. Whether she has implants or not…who cares? She gets prettier with age, just stunning.

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