Boy, Aubrey O’Day sure does look like crap after all of the plastic surgery she has had. Seriously I think Aubrey and Heidi Montag are running neck in neck for title of “Worst Plastic Surgery Under 30”.

Aubrey O’Day before and after plastic surgery:

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Aubrey is only 27 years old and has gigantic breast implants, filler injected into her lips, filler injected into her cheeks, botox and what appears to be a nose job. I think Aubrey looked 10 times prettier/sexier before she had all of the plastic surgery! Sadly, the damage is done, as plastic surgery is hardly ever reversible and Aubrey’s natural good looks are gone for good.

More pictures of Aubrey O’Day before and after plastic surgery:



  • avatar Faline says:

    Since she’s a petite person, the implants completely throw her body out of proportion. Sad, she looked super cute before

  • avatar zoe says:

    ber boobs settled in basically and now they look super big plus she gained alot of weight too. when she loose that weight they will go down again.

  • avatar josh says:

    I think the boobs look great on her, but she didn’t need the facial procedures

  • avatar cc says:

    if you look at this photo on other websites she clearly has a tummy tuck scar, no amount of fake tan can hide it.

  • avatar LadyFemme says:

    If she got a breast reduction, used a more natural lip color…and got a shorter hair cut..she’d be bangin again

    • avatar Bill says:

      LOL. Typical bull dyke comment about a gorgeous woman. She is absolutely stunning now. All I can think to say is WOW!!!! what a beautiful woman!!

  • avatar Anja says:

    gosh, now she looks like those latin american soap opera(surgically improved as well) divas …yuck

  • avatar Cat says:

    I actually think it’s more to do with a badly fitting bikini that that she has large implants, she has a lovely curvy shape and I think the implants are the right size for her, she just needs a better bikini!

    She could also do with toning down the fake tan – she is looking very ‘Jersey Shore’ there

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