20-year-old Has Spent Over $20,000 on Plastic Surgery


Kirsty Yaqub is a 20 year old single mother that has spent more then $20,000 on plastic surgery and beauty treatments. The self proclaimed “beauty addict”, who claims to love the “fake look”, started her plastic journey with a breast augmentation that took her up five cup sizes to a 30G. From there she has had over 10 rounds of filler injected into her lips, teeth veneers, facial filler, botox, eyebrow tattoos and she injects herself daily with a tanning drug called Melanotan.

Kirsty Yaqub before plastic surgery

Although Kirsty claims to love the way she looks and the way that having plastic surgery makes her feel, she doesn’t want her daughter to go down the same road as her. According to Kirsty:

Savannah is only two so I can’t say how I’ll feel when she’s older. I know it sounds hypocritical but I don’t think I’ll want her having loads of surgery. Maybe a boob job, but that’s it.

More pictures of Kirsty Yaqub before and after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Mel says:

    She looked so much better in the before shot :/

    Does anyone know why some women who get work done end up looking like they have a mustache?

    • avatar Betty B says:

      I was wondering the same thing. She looks like a pirate…with a sweet mustache!

      • avatar Mel says:

        I think it’s because when the top lip is enlarged via injectable fillers or implants it casts a shadow under the nose that looks like a stache.

  • avatar gaga says:

    well i think most chic’s have surgery cause of how ugly they are inside but the stache problem no idea maybe cause they are on the verge of looking like a trannie?

  • avatar Evita says:

    Good job! Now she looks 45 y.o.!

  • avatar Mel says:

    Why would she get a tan when she already has a dark complexion? Now her skin just looks all saggy and old. Gross.

  • avatar Laura says:

    hahaha! Love the moustache comment. She really does look like she has one. I think she looked much better in the before shot too

  • avatar sammie says:

    Where did she get $20,000 at 20 with a kid?

  • avatar Rosalind says:

    She looked like a f***ing Barbie doll before she had plastic surgery. She was so pretty! (I wish I looked like her.I’m a female.) But now she looks like a drug addict. Why the hell would she do that?!!!

  • avatar DrD says:

    She seems to be going a bit far on the repeated surgery and is starting to look less attractive. It is all relative however.

  • avatar hatekirsty says:

    two words.. yuk


  • avatar Fonda Peters says:


  • avatar bong says:

    She used to be such a beauty! Exotic almond shaped eyes and very good profile..why would she ruin her looks this way?

  • avatar hate_bitches says:

    I know Kirsty very well….and too be honest she is lovely, very caring, fantastic mummy, the jealous comment as to where did she get 20k from? she works belive it or not….not every young girl has a kid and gets the government to pay for it SHOCK HORROR, kirsty is an established model, and even runs her own business and her own website plus her other website for her modelling work! I truly would love to see what you ladies look like?! stay at home single mothers who don’t work?! tell you what, don’t bother as you will only have a picture stolen off the internet saying it’s you! To be truly honest, this is a bad picture of Kirsty, if you type her in on google, you will see she looks better than this! and if she was so ugly as you bitchy, catty women say….how the HELL does she get work?! and how the hell does she earn the money to pay for what she wants too look like?! It’s always the jealous bit*hes who chat shit *FACT*

  • avatar Ash says:

    where did she get 20k from?…… shes a uk model dumbass!

  • avatar Breanna says:

    I think she looks beautiful both ways! I would love to get major cosmetic surgery like these ladies. Alas, it’s just not in the cards for me with my student loans. Good for her! She looks happy.

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