Alrighty, time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here is the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories:

celebrity ketchup gossip newsDanielle Staub is a stripper now. A 48-year-old, fully nude stripper. Seriously. – TMZ

Michelle Rodriquez should invest in a better fitting bikini. – Celeb Slam

Cristina Hendricks insists that her boobs are real. – CBS News

Richard Simmons still teaches fitness classes? And still wears support hose. – The Superficial

Even Kim Kardashians brother knows she’s just an attention whore. – Radar Online

Lady Gaga should get that thing on her shoulder looked at. – Celeb Buzz

Lindsay Lohan’s boob fell out. – The Superficial

Sean Kingston in critical condition after jet ski crash. – Star Pulse

Justin Bieber blew $25k on an iced-out Stewie (yes, from the Family Guy cartoon) necklace. Evil Beet Gossip

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