Coco’s Gets a Reality Show…And a New Face!?


Coco recently popped up at the Book Expo America tradeshow (a book trade show? Um, okay.) looking nearly unrecognizable!

Coco and her husband Ice T have been filming an E! Entertainment reality show and it looks like she’s gotten some fresh plastic surgery in preparation for the debut.

Coco is Ice T’s wife, who is a model that is best known for her super-sized booty. Coco has always adamently denied having plastic surgery on any body part aside from her breasts (although that subject has certainly been hotly debated), but I think that the work she has had done is pretty darn obvious.

Previously, Coco has had her famous butt enhanced (either with butt implants, a brazilian butt lift, liposuction OR all three procedures) and breast implants. More recently, it looks like Coco has made a few tweaks to her face. Her new look appears to be the effects of a fresh nose job, Botox and filler in her lips and cheeks. What do you think of her new look? Improvement or too much?

More pictures of Nicole Austin (Coco’s real name) before she transformed into Coco:

Irregardless of Coco’s dishonesty about plastic surgery, her new reality show looks like it will be entertaining…Check out the sneak peek of Coco and Ice T’s new reality show, “Ice Loves Coco”, here: Ice Loves Coco – Baby Got Back Story

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  • avatar Mel says:

    She looks like a dude o.O
    She used to be so pretty

  • avatar Sam says:

    I think she looks good….. Who cares if she has had work done it’s her body her money and most women would love to have a body like coco… She got famous from her look and she’s paid and at the end of the day that’s all that matters…. I love coco…. It kills me how people who ain’t got it can talk about people who do…. Most people don’t have money to improve there look so the talk about people who do all day…. Jealousy and hating get you no where…. Get your money up and stop hating on coco….. As a matter of a fact take a walk look around I live in NYC and I count on 1 hand how many beautiful women I’ve seen…. With so many overweight wrinkled women out there…. So don’t be mad at coco

    • avatar jeanette says:

      newsflash: maybe its NOT about ‘not having money’, its about what money can do. OBVIOUSLY money CAN make her look better, but what’s pleasing about that? She’s married and ALREADY considered beautiful so why does she need to IMPROVE on already near-perfection?

  • avatar Louise says:

    I don’t think Coco has done a nose job…noses and faces are changes a bit when you get older, I think she looks the same

    most cellebs have something done and that is because it is a hard business
    You must stay attractive as long as you can or else you are no longer interesting

  • avatar ST says:

    Um NO most women would not want a butt like that, and I believe most men wouldn’t like it either. She looks completely fake and unnattractive. If you like her good for you, but don’t assume everyone else wants her too.

    I am not an overweight wrinkled woman and I choose not to have plastic surgery. It’s not even an issue of money because it is easy to get credit nowadays if you want plastic surgery. Is it so hard to believe that some people just don’t want it?

    Just because you are a shallow man who would rather have some fake woman with a bunch of plastic surgery, doesn’t mean all or even most men are that way. A lot of men prefer a natural woman.

  • avatar LadyFemme says:

    She used to be so beautiful! I loved her hair dark and eyes were sweet looking…she looks awful….ugh…

  • avatar Raven says:

    Um the photo on the left is photo shopped while the one on the right is actually her. This is garbage and nothing but lies. She has the perfect hourglass body and a perfect butt. Men prefer the hourglass shape over stick figure anyday.

  • avatar Megan says:

    Her chin is stronger in the pic on the right and the pic on the lfet her chin appears smaller, weaker. I’d say she has had nose, eye contouring, chin, breasts and butt. And this doesn’t include any botox, fillers or lipo. Even so, she is a pretty woman, all that with Ice T money probably.

  • avatar MR says:

    Coco and I are the same age, both 33. I had some work done, also. Nothing heavy. It’s still nice getting carded for drinks. The top picture, wth? THe one on the left looks great (her face). I don’t want to say that she looks old, though she looks rough.
    I like big breasts, but she has too much silicone in them…damn! Not naturally looking at all.
    I though she jaw dropping gorgeous 5 to 7 years ago.

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