Pretty Hurts – Full Episode 1 – “Mr Fix It”


I hate to admit it, but “Pretty Hurts” is our new favorite guilty pleasure! In this new reality television show, an openly gay registered nurse (Rand Rusher) freezes and fills the faces of Hollywood “elite” (d-list reality stars and wannabes) with cosmetic injectables.

Check out the full length first episode, titled “Mr. Fix It”, of “Pretty Hurts” right here:

(If you are outside of the US, you can watch this episode of “Pretty Hurts”, here)

“Pretty Hurts” is kind of a poor mans “Dr. 90210”, but it’s still entertaining to see the inside of a business built on Botox and insecurity, and their crazy clients.

Episode summary: In episode 1 of “Pretty Hurts” we are introduced to registered nurse Rand Rusher, who is openly gay and loves helping people fix their appearances (aka: selling them cosmetic freezers and fillers). Rusher’s clientele in this episode includes, an aging sales women that seems to know way too much about fillers and Botox, an actress that has had obvious work done, but tries to convince Rand that she hasn’t, a teenage boy that wants the cleft in his chin filled and Jeana and Kara Keough from “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Jeana gets a little Botox and buys her 21 year old daughter “birthday lips”. Kara Keough also reveals to Rand that her parents bought her breast implants for her high school graduation present. Gee, that sounds like a healthy relationship…

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  • avatar Bryjin says:

    Thanks for the link for us readers outside the US but … my computer, or rather my anti-virus/firewall, won’t let me download xVid, which is neccesary in order to watch it. You wouldn’t happen to have any other links, I can’t seem to find it online? Does anyone have experience with xVid, downloaded from I downloaded xVid codec via but the website still urges me to download xVid …. aaaahh technology at its best.

  • avatar elizabeth says:


    You can also find ‘Pretty Hurts’ on iTunes. Depending on what country you are in – the show is been picked up in several of the European countries with Fall premiere I think!

    ‘Pretty’ Elizabeth

  • avatar commonsense says:

    What is their definition of “pretty”? it should be titled “Stupid Hurts”. This is a low self-esteem issue.

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