Birthday Lips and Graduation Boobs


I understand that plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream and affordable, but I still can’t get over parents that buy plastic surgery for their children as a gift or reward. Take Kara Keough, daughter of “Real Housewive” Jeana Keough, for example. For Kara’s high school graduation, her mother bought her breast implants. Then, for Kara’s 22nd birthday, Jeana decided to buy her daughter “birthday lips” (lip injections to plump her pout).

Kara Keough getting lip injections on camera for “Pretty Hurts

Kara’s results after her mother spent $675 on injections to plump her lips:

kara keough birthday lips

Do you think that the result of Kara’s lip injections were worth $675? Or was this just some sort of twisted mother/daughter bonding? After watching Kara on “Pretty Hurts”, the last thing a spoiled brat like that needs is to be more vain. After feeling the need to bring up the fake boobs her parents bought her for graduation, she told the nurse to give her mom Botox because she was too wrinkly to come to her Vegas birthday party…(And her mom happily obliged and got more Botox injections).


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