Mom Gives 7-year-old a Boob Job Voucher


Apparently giving her teen daughter Botox injections didn’t get her enough attention, so Sarah Burge has decided to bring bad parenting to a whole new level by giving her 7 year old daughter Poppy a boob job voucher for her birthday. Poppy will be able to cash in the boob job voucher when she is 16 and according to her mother, “If she develops naturally big boobs, she can have something else done with it!”

baby boob job

50 year-old Sarah, who has spent over $1million on plastic surgery for herself, owns a swingers club and feels that teaching her young daughters how to pole dance and promises of plastic surgery will help them take over the family business.

Upon receiving the boob job voucher, Poppy reportedly squealed with delight and exclaimed, “I can’t wait to be like Mummy with big boobs. They’re pretty!

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