Barry Manilow Has Had Bad Plastic Surgery


Barry Manilow is looking a little rough around the edges! Thanks to too much plastic surgery, Barry now has an over-plumped, stretched, bizarre looking face.

Barry Manilow’s natural face versus the new surgically “improved” version:
barry manilow plastic surgery

At 67 years old it appears that the popular singer has had at least one face lift, Botox, filler injections and a blepharoplasty. All of the stretching and pulling that Barry has done to his face has left him with very poor skin tone and the amount of filler that he has injected into his cheeks just looks crazy.

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  • avatar Evita says:

    To me it looks like he’s sporting some pretty big cheek implants as well… IMHO, a real shame: he used to have interesting features.

  • avatar Isabelle says:

    Chipmunk implants. The new ‘fad’ in Hollywood – and makes them look like monsters.

  • avatar teri says:

    Good Lord!! I have always loved Barry Manilow… but.. he looks like he’s been stung by a bunch of Bees!!

    • avatar Skippy says:

      Teri…he doesn’t even look that good. Thank goodness people are realistic about his bad surgery. I think it’s time for ole Barry to close the piano…he’s a scary looking has been!

  • avatar wtfster says:

    In all fairness to Barry, I think he just shoved a bunch of walnuts in his mouth right before someone took this pic of him..

  • avatar Jennfire says:

    It is so sad that our entertainers now feel they have to resort to this to keep up some kind of image. There is nothing wrong with growing older. It can be so beautiful, and I am sure Barry would be much more handsome had he not done this to himself. But I still love him and his music.

  • avatar Catherine says:

    Looks like he just wandered out from Whoville

  • avatar R.G says:

    I was looking at his old 1970s pics and I’m like wow he used to be so cute and handsome in my eyes. Barry whats happend to you?? I really miss your original look and why do you still have yes people around you? Please Barry stop getting that shit! lights are on but no ones home. how sad.

  • avatar bukansampah says:

    He looks like a golumn,

  • avatar mary eastwell says:

    Poor Bazza, he’s never actually been that good looking but he did have an attractive face with lovely eyes. Now he looks awful! I’m so disappointed.

  • avatar Karin says:

    WHen I saw hm it actually made just STOP, but then I do that with most who had plastic done. Super gross for the most part; Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton to mention just a few. They had good, intersting looks – character – now …yeowza!!!

  • avatar TransWarpDrive says:

    You got several facts wrong in your article. First, Barry Manilow is only 65 years old, not 67. Second, that first picture of Barry was taken in the early to mid-1970’s, NOT 1964 like the header says. Barry was only 18 years old back in ’64, and had just graduated from high school. Plus, his hair was a lot shorter then. He didn’t let it grow to shoulder length until the 70’s. Please do a better job of research next time!!

  • avatar Nosay says:

    I saw Barry in New York. He was helping children and
    older people. He looks like he is 21. He was kind,
    polite, funny, and really nice. I had to leave because
    the bank fatsos were ordering breakfast, lunch, supper,
    and their meal snacks. I hope he returns to the New York/
    New Jersey tristate area.

  • avatar Pam says:

    I think he was sexier before the facelift, but who am I to judge.

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