Kate Middleton’s New Royal Nose


Before she landed her prince and had her fairytale wedding, Kate Middleton was just your average small town girl. Now that Kate has married Prince William, she has a new title: “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge”…and what appears to be a new nose!

Kate before and after having rhinoplasty surgery?
Kate Middleton Before and After Nose Job

According to pictures of Kate before she started dating Prince William, it appears that she had rhinoplasty surgery to refine the bridge and tip of her nose. All in all, I think Kate Middleton’s nose job turned out great so hopefully she will quit with the plastic surgery while she is ahead. Unfortunately this can be hard to do when you are a young woman living your life in the public eye!

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  • avatar m says:

    It’s ‘woman’, not ‘women’. Singular.

  • avatar a regular says:

    She seems to have more fat on her face on the before picture, which could make her nose look less angular.
    However, I think she probably had botox injected into her forehead, and starved herself for the wedding. Probably why Pippa’s butt got more attention…

  • avatar Stephanie says:

    Her nose looks crooked in the first picture, almost like it had been broken and perhaps not correctly fixed. Definitely looks better in the 2nd picture, good use of surgery, not overdone at all.

  • avatar rachel says:

    It could be that she had her makeup done professionaly? I don’t think she had surgery.

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    IMO, it’s a loss of baby fat from her face that makes the difference. I’m with a regular, above.

  • avatar Zelda says:

    @Rachel – Kate Middleton is known to not want her make-up done professionally – in fact, she has done her own make-up for ever public event…including her Wedding

    Secondly, I am biased on whether it was a nose job or not although I sort of agree with Stephanie.
    It’s either wight loss or a very well done nose job.

  • avatar Zelda says:

    Also note: her nose looks a bit more refined and longer in the 2nd pic.

  • avatar Patty says:

    I am pretty sure this is just weight loss, not nose job. Compare pictures of Jared Leto when he gained weight for his movie Chapter 27, his nose disappeared too. Kate Middleton’s nose is the same, it’s just more pronounced when her fats disappeared.

  • avatar Sally says:

    Who Cares, really……..??

  • avatar Chris says:

    Yes. She had plastic surgery on her nose.

  • avatar Dr. Fiasco X.Vicodin says:

    Absolute, total, utter garbage, and complete rubbish. Kate has NOT I repeat NOT had any facial plastic surgery, (nor any other plastic surgery that I am aware of.) I know this for a FACT in that I am closely related to one of her handlers and we are never far from the royal couple – it simply did not happen and probably will not happen. In the 6 years I have known her, she has not had so much as a mole or wart removed, not so much as a scar corrected – nothing. NADA. It Did NOT happen. She is a beautiful young woman who needs no facial work of any kind and judging from her gene pool she will likely age very gracefully.

    Somebody needs to call out these scamming liar websites and that is what I am doing. Number one, digital photographs prove absolutely NOTHING since either or both the “before” and “after” can be tweaked by a 12-yr old to show anything you want to show. This website is complete CRAP and not worth the price of the electrons required to render it onscreen. It is not even entertainment – it’s a useless waste of human effort. Go do something good for society – rising tides raise all ships – be part of that instead of the opposite.

    • avatar Plastic surgery FACTORY!!! says:

      You don’t know shti, you’re just a clueless idiot.

    • avatar Grace says:

      Your nose doesn’t get thinner from age 20 to age 30, it gets wider. Kate’s nose got smaller, narrower, more defined, a sure sign of PS. Just because you may work close to her doesn’t mean she would ever divulge those kinds of secrets to you. If she had it done before her parents “arranged” for her to attend the same university as William (many parents of daughters did this once it was divulged where Will was going), she may have had a nose job prior to attendance. William may not even know as he only dated her after her parents groomed her for social climbing.

  • avatar Real sister says:

    She also had fillers and Botox. Rumor has it she removed some excess fat under eyes. She had lipsouction and some also believe implants as she was very flat chested. And she does do hair extensions

  • avatar katie says:

    kate M looks like a well dressed but very ordinary woman who clearly has plenty of time to sit about and worry about blow drying her hair, unlike the rest of us who have to work. If you look at her on the royal wedding day compared to the tour of singapore she has just emabarked on with wills, her face is looking alot fuller. it looks like she may be pregnant, or had botox and dermal fillers to plump up her face. either or, her face is a lot smoother if you look round her eyes. pity about the hands and neck both of which are very wrinkly; she still looks older then wills by a couple of years nevertheless

  • avatar Plastic surgery FACTORY!!! says:

    Don’t forget her chin implant and cheekbone implants! She’s also had her eyes complete redone there’s better pix than that “before” you could have used to showcase the obvious changes. At least we can see the obvious outlines of her chin implant, her cheekbones are now in place and more defined

  • avatar Sue Rosenorn says:

    The second pix shows a more defined bridge and the bottom part is less fat.

  • avatar mitch says:

    I think she has the sweetest nose shape, straight bridge rolling gracefully of a light brow and down to that beautifully upturned slightly pointed tip. I dont care if she got it by birth or by knife, its perfect female nose

  • avatar sema4dogz says:

    I don’t know how I got here , but I never saw such mean spirited nonsense in my life. Really. And as for the woman who reckoned she, unlike the D of C , couldn’t “sit around blow drying her hair’ because she has a job , words fail me .

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