Ke$ha’s Outfit Reveals Lipo Scars


Ke$ha recently turned up at an AMFAR event in a revealing hotpant/romper combo with draped butt skirt. Sadly, her outfit seems to reveal more then poor Ke$ha bargained for:

Notice anything suspicious?

That sure does look like a liposuction scar on Ke$ha’s upper thigh. Even her shiny Hooters pantyhose can’t hide it! Liposuction seems so stupid to me (go to the gym already) that I would have never thought that someone as young as Ke$ha would even go there, but that does indeed look like a scar left by a plastic surgeon’s fat-sucking cannula.

Ke$ha’s face and body have been hotly debated and many people think that she’s had a Hollywood makeover that includes a nose job, lip injection, breast implants and more. I guess adding liposuction to Ke$ha’s “been there, done that” list isn’t so far fetched.

On a side note: Perhaps next time Ke$ha gets fat sucked out of her thighs or gut, maybe she should have the plastic surgeon inject that fat into her non-existent butt? Hey, I’m just trying to help here…

More pictures of Ke$ha at amfAR’s Inspiration Gala on June 14th:

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  • avatar m says:

    Could be stretch marks. But who cares if she did get lipo? Her body.

    • avatar rachel says:

      Yeah I agree, i think it’s just stretch marks.

      • avatar anon says:

        Stretch marks typically run up and down, not across like that. That is definately a scar on Keshas thigh and the placement of it is consistent with where you would get a scar from liposuction. I should know, I have one just like it ;).

        • avatar rachel says:

          People who get lipo have uneven & lumpy skin. Ke$ha just has cellulite.

        • avatar Dawn says:

          Stretch marks run up and down? Great. I’m gonna go to the beach and everyone is going to think I have liposuction because I have 17 scars across the side of my thighs. I seriously thought they were stretch marks. I’m so sad now..

  • avatar Chelsea says:

    Who cares if someone gets a lipo?? Jeez, give the person a break, its there life, let them do what the hell they want!

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    Looks like stretch marks to me. And stretch marks run in all directions, not just up and down.

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    Ironically this is the best I’ve seen her look (though admittedly I don’t search for her pics). I’d rock that outfit (except for the “flesh colored” part on the back.

  • avatar zoe says:

    light reflecting off her purse and wrist bands.

  • avatar V says:

    Old stretchmarks probably from when she was a teen. That girl is totally natural. It seems like you didn’t have a story and you were really grasping at straws for this one.

  • avatar Catherine says:

    It’s obviously the light reflecting off her clutch! Lord, stretch marks would not be that visible when covered under stockings!

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