Coco is “Double Stacked”


Nicole “Coco” Austin and her husband Ice T recently renewed their wedding vows and Coco showed up looking like a pitbull in lipstick in a tight fitting corset gown. The too-tight gown seems to reveal that Coco has double stacked breast implants:

“Double stacked” breast implants are a shady procedure that most plastic surgeons will not do. It involves using two sets of breast implants, one stacked on top of the other. Double stacking breast implants is used when a patient wants huge, fake-looking, high-profile breasts, so I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising that Coco is double stacked. She’s not exactly going for the natural look…

More pictures of Coco and Ice T at their wedding vow renewal:



  • avatar Rosalind says:

    Why do people do that? She probably looked a hell lot better without those fake retarded implants! Gosh!

  • avatar From Tokyo says:

    I never would have even thought of such a procedure! Just by the idea it seems like that’d be incredibly painful procedure and uncomfortable afterwards.

  • avatar GoGo says:

    They look lumpy and it was definitely not needed this just shows how much of an attention whore she is

    • avatar Randy Stein says:

      This is the kind of woman men drool over in magazines and in titty bars, but when it came down to it wouldn’t actually marry. Thought Ice T had more taste.

      • avatar K says:

        See Now that pisses me off! Pigs that marry plain-janes at an attempt to not have a woman that other men want that could leave ur insecure ass at any point,while you visit brothels and titty bars for what you really are attracted to,Neglecting your wife and kids at home,
        BUT THIS REAL MAN decided to marry a woman he was actually attracted to (that he actually wants sexually) that can get any man she wants and has her own millions and that LOVES HIM AND HAPPENS TO SEEM LIKE A NICE PERSON .Pigs like you will be the ones in divorce court not Ice T. P.S. men with low self esteem disgust me.Real men wait until they are done running the streets and hoeing THEN they settle down with good women BEAUTIFUL or UGLY get off Coco !she is just beautiful and a good woman.

  • avatar marie says:

    She’s white and I know she doesn’t think ppl believe a white chick has a butt like that there’s a triangle shaped piece in between the top of the cheeks she’s all fake even her dumb act on the show when she was watching the birthing videos smh ice was a whack rapper so he needs attention through this bimbo fake blonde fake butt fake boob fake acting wife of his.

  • avatar bekah says:

    coco is coco, she loves her body with her implants, who are we to judge her on it? and marie, stfu, just by watching their show, i have loved those two more then ever before. coco is the sweetest person ever and we have no right to judge her just by her looks. she looks fabulous, she isnt an attention whore, she does it for herself, not for everyone else. judgemental assholes . . .

    • avatar cocobitch says:

      Coco isn’t an attention whore? With giant fake boobs and a stuffed ass? With a pit-bull face doused in fake tan? It probably be an O.K. argument if she looked like that and had a quiet life in suburbs somewhere. Having a reality show pretty much screams – attention whore of the worst kind. No other arguments even needed.

    • avatar Paula says:

      I agree with you. It is what she wanted. And, her butt is not fake. She will prove to The Doctors they are real like the judgemental ppl out here are… Bekah, you are right, some ppl are way to judgmental. And should look in a mirror. It’s easy to look thru a window than it is in a mirror.

  • avatar Mark says:

    Ice-T I’m jealous !! I would love to ride the arse off Coco, backside and front. Lovely woman. Good luck to both of them..

  • avatar Megan says:

    Coco has a very pretty face, and I love her and Ice together as a couple. However, her breasts look strange and that huge rear end is ugly too. What will these women do when this fad passes? Is this something white women do to attract black men?

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